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Non-traditional Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Every bride wishes for her special day to make her feel like a princess, and for her guests to experience a wedding unlike any other. Even though there are some fantastic alternative wedding ideas that will impress your guests, some brides choose to make their weddings special by avoiding the "traditional" wedding rituals. If you're the kind of bride who enjoys keeping her guests guessing, then check out these brilliant ideas that will have you breaking tradition on your wedding day and that you'll wish you'd thought of sooner!

Non-traditional Ideas for your wedding day

Have someone special marry you

Having a priest and a church that you both like and planning your wedding with them is one of the most common ways of getting married. Consider getting a trusted friend or family member ordained to marry you instead of a priest. This way, you can make your wedding more intimate by including some humour or even a non-traditional speech from the person marrying you.

Another excellent suggestion is to get married somewhere other than a church. Obviously, if you're religious and want to marry in a church, that's great, but there are a host of different fantastic options to consider. For the sake of convenience and cost, many couples are getting married at the same location as their reception! Hotels often provide this type of service, so look into hotel packages so that your guests can book a room and stay with you even longer!

Have fun with your wedding photos

Wedding photos are a wonderful way of commemorating your special day - but they don’t have to be traditional either! Think of the typical shot of the groom holding the bride with such delicacy, and then think about how you can turn some of your wedding photos into something more fun and lighthearted. Perhaps you could have your husband give you a fireman’s lift for a photo or have him wear your veil. Speak with your Local Wedding Photographer for some ideas on fun photos to take at your wedding. Anything that will make you laugh a few years down the line!

Consider a non-traditional wedding dress

While many brides adore the thought of walking down the aisle in a white or ivory gown, it is not for all. If you really want to make a statement and break away from tradition, go for a coloured gown for yourself and white or ivory for your bridesmaids. Another great idea is to coordinate jewellery or accessories so that all of your outfits complement each other beautifully.

Change who makes the speeches

Finally, the groom, his groomsmen, and the bride's father give speeches to the rest of the guests in a traditional wedding. These are usually the bride and groom's anecdotes, and they are often funny and embarrassing. Why not have your bridesmaids and the mother of the groom give speeches as well, because you have even more stories to tell while you're breaking tradition?

Regardless of what you choose for your wedding day, remember that your wedding will be unique because you’re marrying your soulmate!

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