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3 Tips for a More Memorable Wedding

Here are three simple things that will make a massive difference to the overall success of your wedding. One tip for for before the wedding, one for during the ceremony, and one after the wedding day that are key to a successful wedding process.

The Right Groom/Bride

This is the most important decision you are likely to make for your future, so don't rush into anything. It sounds pretty redundant in that you wouldn't be planning a wedding if you didn't have the right partner. But the best pre-wedding day advice that you can get is to make sure that you have the right person at your side that you want to spend your life with. Making the commitment is a serious decision and must be well thought through. While based on love and romance, you also need to be realistic and clear about your needs and aspirations. The aim, as you read this, is not to create doubt in your decision but to reinforce how important it is. You need to ensure that you are happy with your decision and have the right life-partner at your side.

A Great Venue

Once you've got the right person to spend the rest of your life with, the wedding process itself can be quite stressful, but the key item that you should get right here is the venue. The right venue can make or break your day, regardless of the theme or type of wedding you have planned, the venue is what will create lasting memories. It's the small things for some, like the history of the place, the size, the entrance, the feel, but most of all, you need to have a place that you and your loved ones feel comfortable in and that can accommodate the numbers that you want to invite.

The top 5 things to look for in a venue should be:

  • Separate areas for eating, drinking, and partying.

  • Privacy, you don't really want passer-by's being able to see into your private ceremony.

  • A backdrop or view that you like, there's going to be a myriad of photographs taken, make sure you have the right backdrop, or one that you like.

  • Good acoustics, even with a microphone and speaker set, if the acoustics are no good, then it will adversely affect the ceremony and the speeches.

  • Lighting, good lighting can be improved; just ensure you've been at the venue at the time you intend to have the ceremony and reception, so you know what it looks like and where you will need the additional lighting.

Most venues can be beautified and spruced up, but a good venue will need very little done, allow you to relieve stress and save on costs. Visit the venue and check everything, don't make it only about the view or the wonderful lake and old Victorian mansion. None of these will matter if your guests don't have a modern toilet and an option to stay over close by. A growing trend for those who love the outdoors and want their guests staying with them for the wedding period has been to arrange an entire campsite. A great example of luxury Wedding glamping accommodation is Yurtel, who clearly show how important your venue is.

Plan to get all of the aforementioned (bar the right partner) in a package deal. The venue of your choice, accommodation, and amenities, as well as bespoke decorations and dining as this will make the day one to enjoy rather than arrange.

A Well Planned Minimoon

After all the work involved in planning and actually getting married, it's proven essential to take a break. In the current climate, it may not be possible to visit your island getaway for the perfect honeymoon, but you still need to wind down from all the planning and activity to just relax before the reality of life takes over again.

The minimoon is a smaller version of the honeymoon and has become a staple choice of millennials. There is no reason it shouldn't suit you all and for those who love to travel it may present the option to see more places. You can plan or schedule a few smaller minimoons instead of the honeymoon, while others have a minimoon before the honeymoon. The idea of traveling to new and exciting places together and spending quality time should fill you with joy and is the best way to start a life together.

The practicalities of travel these days will mean that anywhere distant is likely off the cards; long trips away may not be possible or practical. Cut the honeymoon short, keep it local and save on the costs. A weekend break to a local spot is the way to go.

These are three things that we take for granted regarding our weddings and the planning thereof. To avoid heartbreak and disappointment on the day and after, be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind and make them part of your to-do lists.

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