Did you know?

Inventions in the 1800's


Humphry Davy invented the miner's lamp

Samuel Fahnestock patents a "soda fountain". René Laënnec invents the stethoscope.

Frenchmen, J.M. Jacquard invents the Jacquard Loom. Count Alessandro Volta invents the battery

The first typewriter to be commercially successful was invented in 1878 by Americans Christopher Latham Sholes

Alexander graham Bell Invented the telephone in 1876

Average cost of living in the 1800's

Rent £105

Rate and taxes inc gas £28

Coals £12

Food Butcher £46

Food Baker £9

Food grocer £38

Food Greengrocer £10

Food Poulterer £10

Clothing Husband £20

Clothing - wife £35

Laundry £35

Doctor/Chemist (Pharmacist) £33

Traveling/Tips £43

Local Travel £20

Entertainment £36

Liquor £15

House Repairs £27

Garden £5

Miscellaneous £50

This in only an average which takes in consideration for those earning large sums as well as smaller earnings.

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