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How Important Is It To Have A Wedding Videographer?

Wedding planning is a huge task. If you have chosen to do it yourself without the assistance of a professional wedding planner, you have probably already discovered this. That is why it is a wise decision to rely on different professionals to take care of different parts of the wedding. This will include the cake designer, photographer, and videographer to just name a few. A videographer captures moments that the photographer may or may not but uses video. This means that those special moments caught on a wedding video have a completely different dimension to them than photographs. But how important is a videographer and what can they bring to the table?

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What Videographers Bring To Your Wedding

Behind The Scenes

While a photographer can snap photos before, during, and after the ceremony, a videographer that does the same will end up with details, such as conversation and special moments, that don't translate as well in a photo. That is why a videographer shooting behind the scenes can pull out different, unique, and special details that tell a complete story of what was happening before the ceremony.

A New Way To Share

With families spread all over the world, it is not always possible for everyone to be able to attend your big day. Having a videographer on-site recording everything from that day on video, you can share the footage with faraway relatives. When they watch the video it will be as if they were present as they will see so much more than they would with a stack of photos or a miniature photo album.

It Is Worth It

Sure, a videography service is not cheap. It will cost you considerably more than hiring a crew of photographers. But when you compare the material that can be gathered by each, the videographer will come ahead of the photographers. For reasons already noted above, a video of your wedding day will become a treasured keepsake that can be viewed and shared over and over again so you can relive those moments.

Why You Should Have A Videographer Capture

The Special Words That Are Exchanged

Photos don't include sound. While you can capture all kinds of shots from all different angles when the vows are being exchanged, if the couple has written their own, you won't be able to tell that in a photo album. The video will catch all of that so it can be heard long after the ceremony has completed. Recording the vows is a key part of a videographer's job and should be a priority.

The First Dance

After the wedding and into the reception, your videographer should be set up and in place to capture the first dance. This dance is symbolic in that it presents the newlyweds in the first public act as a married couple. Again, photos can grab a lot of the details related to this event but without the crowd noise, music, and sounds of excitement that video captures.

In Conclusion

A videographer is going to cost you more than a photographer but when you look at what you will receive as the result of their work before, during, and after your wedding, there is no comparison. A videographer is a good investment in preserving your wedding memories.

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