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What are Your Antiques Worth?

If you own anything that could be considered an antique, then you might be sitting on a gold mine. From furniture to old records, clothing, and cars, some old items may depreciate over time, but their value grows. You may be surprised at how much the antiques that you own are actually worth, whether they are items that have been passed down your family for generations or something that you were given or picked up second-hand in a charity shop or online.

Let’s take a look at some popular antiques and what they are worth.


If you’ve got older furniture around your home, don’t throw it out or donate it just yet - it could be worth more than you expect. For example, ‘rod back’ Windsor armchairs might not look like they’re worth that much, but they could fetch you a lot of money if they were made in the early 1800s.

Perfume Bottles:

According to Antiques Roadshow appraiser Eric Silver, there are auctions that are strictly devoted to antique perfume bottles. Although the perfume itself may not be worth much anymore, older bottles that you can no longer get can fetch more than you might realise. If you or somebody in your family once got a really great perfume bottle or a bottle from a company like Lolique, the glassmaker or the glass itself could be important. Your old bottle could fetch you between £70-£100.


Nobody really uses typewriters any more thanks to computers - and the fact that they are now a thing of the past is often what can make them so valuable. To the right buyer, an antique typewriter is a household item that can be worth spending a lot of money on, with many fetching between £150-£430, depending on a number of factors including their condition and age.

Classic Video Games:

Perhaps you’ve outgrown video games, but that doesn’t mean that the old-school games you used to spend your time on aren’t worth anything anymore. In fact, vintage copies of classics such as Mario Kart can easily sell for hundreds of pounds, and the rarer and harder to get hold of a game is, the more it will be worth.

Old Toys:

Do you remember playing with your childhood favourites like Polly Pocket? These toys might not be on our shelves anymore, but parents of 90’s babies - or the 90’s babies themselves - might have some once-trending toys like Polly Pocket stashed away from the past. Today, these toy trinkets are often high-priced collectors’ items and can fetch for hundreds on sites like eBay.

Old Mobile Phones:

Most old mobile phones aren’t worth pennies anymore, with technology advancing so rapidly that last year’s models can lose half their value quickly. But there are a few old phones that you can get a lot for, especially if they are amongst the first ever produced like the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X from 1983.

China Sets:

Finally, if you or a relative have any old china sets gathering dust in a cupboard, you could be missing out on hundreds or even thousands of pounds. If you think that your old china could be worth something, the best thing to do is have it professionally appraised by an antique dealer.

Do you have any of these potential gold mines in your home?


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