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10 of the Best Instagram Antique and Crafts Stores

10 of the best instagram antique and craft stores

If you are looking for some great antique and crafting ideas and products, then we have the perfect top ten for you – ten of the best Instagram antique and craft stores!

1stdibs - @1stdibs

This Instagram account has undoubtedly inspired thousands of antiques fans across the world, as well as selling a massive range of simply stunning and unique pieces. Follow this account for the best ideas from dealers and designers across the world.

Craft Council - @craftscouncil

Any list that includes craft Instagram accounts isn't complete without the Craft Council. This fantastic account has tips, tricks, and ideas to suit any crafter. The comments on their posts can also be a goldmine of ideas too!

The Mint List - @themintlist

This account is filled with excellent images of quirky antique finds including furniture, accessories, and even the odd piece of clothing. They have also earned a reputation for ‘re-gramming’ pictures you take of your antique finds and tag them in, helping to build an online community of antiques enthusiasts.

Crafting online stores

A Beautiful Mess - @abeautifulmess

The crafty account has a little bit of everything, including the odd recipe here and there, always beautifully shot and well documented. This account garners more and more admirers every day. It has a penchant for pastels too, so if you like working with pastels, you are in for a treat.

The Old Cinema - @theoldcinemalondon

This antiques department store is based in an old cinema building in Chiswick, London; hence the name. It has some beautifully taken pictures of its stock, as well as behind-the-scenes pictures of what it takes to run one of Britain’s most successful antiques stores.

Handmade in Britain - @handmadebritain

The Handmade in Britain is an account that is dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and championing the best of British crafts and design. Check it out for loads of ideas.

Doe & Hope - @doeandhope

Specialist Antique expert, James Gooch at Doe & Hoe, uses this account to share some of his best finds, and his eye for unique and quirky pieces shines through the photos on this Instagram account. This is a carefully curated feed for the antiques connoisseur.

RE - @refoundobjects

This account is based in rural Northumberland, in a workshop that started repurposing and reconditioning ‘found objects’ and antiques in 2003. Its feed of pictures contains some of the most unique one-of-a-kind items you will find online, and plenty of interesting items salvaged from house clearances and demolitions.

LASSCO - @lasscoropewalk

Based in London’s creative hub, Maltby Street, this account shows fun finds and interesting items discovered in the weekend market the street hosts. This account filled with shots of salvaged furniture, old London, and quirky street stalls.

Decorative Antiques UK - @decorativeantiquesuk

This antiques shop based in East Sussex has a range of unique European antiques. This Instagram account has some beautifully curated photographs and includes sneak-peeks of pieces that haven’t hit the shop floor yet, sprinkled with snaps of the shop owner’s dogs!

Visit these accounts on Instagram and we’re sure you will be filled with inspiration and ideas, whether you are on an antiques hunt or looking for your next crafting idea.


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