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The Ultimate Wedding Check List - be Prepared and Plan Ahead

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding and it feels as though the stress is enough to drive you crazy? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the wedding and feel like it is consuming all your thoughts at work and at home?

While there’s no doubt that planning a wedding is a lot of work, there is no reason it has to be such a stressful event in your life. After all, the whole reason behind the wedding is to join together in a union of love in front of your family and friends.

There should be nothing stressful about that.

So, to help take the edge off and get you into a more balanced frame of mind, here’s the ultimate wedding check list that will help you to be prepared and plan ahead.

Set a Date

A great place to start is by picking a date. It may not be wise to get too specific, but narrowing it down to the year and month is definitely a great place to start.

Set a Budget

Next should be the budget. You want to set the budget before you start making any bookings or purchases so that you don’t get swayed into spending more than you are comfortable with. Remember, starting out a marriage with debt won’t exactly be stress-free.

Create a Guest List

Now it’s time to work on your guest list. The final count will help you when it comes time to booking a venue, since you’ll need to know that the space you choose will accommodate your guest list.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Here’s a task you’ve probably thought about for months, even years, but now it’s officially time to choose your wedding party. Make sure you speak to each person individually to ensure that it is special and memorable.

Find a Venue

You now have enough information to go ahead and start searching for that perfect venue. You’ve got a date, budget, and guest list total in mind, so this will automatically help you to narrow down the options. It’s a good idea to start your research online, make a short list of potential locations, and then tour them in person so you can see them first-hand and ask questions.

Book All Vendors

Now you can move on to booking all your other vendors. These include such vendors as the caterer, photographer, limo driver, serving staff (if necessary), florist, cake baker/decorator, band, DJ, and any other vendors.

Choose a Menu

You can now move on to menu selection, keeping in mind that you may have to offer options such as a vegetarian and/or vegan meal.

Figure Out Your Wardrobe and the Wedding Party

Around this same time, you can be shopping for your wedding attire as well as that of the wedding party.

Send Out Invitations

Once the venue has been booked, you’ll be able to order and then send out your invitations. This should be done about six months before the wedding.

Follow Along and Stay Organised

By following each of these steps, you’ll be prepared and well-organised from the start of the planning right up until the big day.

Please check out our 'Where to Shop' page for wedding suppliers in your area.


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