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The Different Styles And Settings Of Engagement Rings

Are you about to seal the deal? Engagement rings are a powerful symbol of dedication and commitment. So whether it's your first engagement ring or your third, think about what type of ring will declare to the whole world that she's taken!

Choosing your Engagement Ring

There are many different styles and settings for engagement rings; knowing which one best represents your love can be overwhelming.

Read On To Learn More About Each Style And How They Came About:

The Vintage Ring

Vintage is if you prefer an age-old classic feel, then this timeless beauty may be right up your alley. It does not get more romantic than a vintage ring; there is something so special about wearing an antique piece of jewellery with such a rich history behind it.

This type of engagement ring has a vintage feel but is actually new. Vintage engagement rings are made to look old-fashioned by replicating the designs of antique jewellery. They can be either gold or silver and classically designed or modernized with different accents, colours, and textures.

The Solitaire Ring

When associated with engagement rings, the term Solitaire refers to a single diamond set in its own mounting on a plain band without any other stones around it.

The solitaire ring does not have to be mounted by itself; many people choose to place smaller diamonds along the band to create their own halo effect (discussed later). This style is less popular than halo settings due to its simplicity but allows you to play up your personal style with various metals and sizes.

Solitaire rings are composed of one gem, but an array of diamond shapes and sizes can be used for a custom look. For example, a classic solitaire ring will have a round diamond in the centre with an oblong shape surrounding it on all sides, whereas a modern style will break up the band to create some contrast or add some colour between stones.

For example, you could use a variety of carat weights from small rounds to larger ovals set side-by-side along the band to create your own unique display of diamonds on just about any finger! The Solitaire is also perfect if you prefer more of a subtle ring rather than one that screams "Taken!" at every opportunity.

The Three-Stone Ring

This type of engagement ring is usually accompanied by a wedding band that matches in design and metal. The three-stone setting offers additional security for your centre stone, often used when it's an expensive diamond such as a family heirloom or the bride-to-be’s birthstone.

In addition, it allows for multiple stones without sacrificing anyone 's size or importance -- perfect for girls who love sparkles! This style also superbly shows off each individual stone without all the distraction of other settings — just enough glitz and glamour without overwhelming the girl of your dreams. So if you want something regal and eye-catching yet easy on the eyes, this style is a great option.

The Three Stone Ring is composed of three stones of the same shape and size placed side-by-side to create one larger look. However, all three stones will have to be on an equal level on the ring itself for it to work properly. This means that there should not be a large diamond that spans across two smaller ones; instead, they will appear as a singular piece encircling your centre stone.

The Halo Ring

Halo rings are styled with a halo of diamonds around the centre stone for an extra element of sparkle. Traditionally, one round diamond used to sit in the centre, but now you can place any shape or size diamond in the middle for a customizable look.

The classic halo ring is usually made using smaller stones surrounding a larger, central stone; it's elegant and timeless while still catching people's attention.

This style also works well if you favour less-is-more when it comes to rings because no single stone will get lost here! The unity created between all the small stones creates an extremely eye-catching piece that demands attention without being too flashy or gaudy. Halo settings are perfect for those who love subtlety but still want to add pizzazz to their ring.

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