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"..at English Garden Antiques we specialise in authentic garden antiques to enrich and complement your home and garden.."


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Benches, Seats & Furniture

Distinctive outdoor furniture including marble topped wrought iron garden table, stone garden benches, antique bench seats, wrought iron and wooden garden benches.


Antique stone, lead and cast iron garden bird baths ranging from ornate to rustic in design.


From antique multi-tiered garden water fountains to smaller wall fountains (including lion head wall fountain) and fountain heads.

Garden Urns

Over 30 antique urns currently in stock, including stone urns, cast iron urns and terra cotta urns


Antique ornamental wrought iron gates, ornamental metalwork, hayrack planters, antique garden lamps, and more.

Millstones & Grindstones

Of great decorative value for your garden, and ideal for use as water features. from small to massive.

Ornamental Stone

Garden statues and statuary, gargoyles, stone gullies, stone balls, carved stone corbels, stone garden obelisks, gate posts, finials and more.


An interesting selection of traditionally designed planters, together with our suggestions of other architectural antiques which provide imaginative alternatives.

Staddle Stones ( 'Mushroom Stones')

Dating back hundreds of years, staddle stones were used to support barns and granaries to prevent spoilage of the produce by the elements and vermin, Great regional variations exist in shape and type of stone. Also known as mushroom stones.

 Large Stone Troughs

A large selection of authentic old stone troughs to add character to your garden. Slate, limestone, sandstone & granite troughs, from small 'window box' size to massive 7" long water troughs.

Small Stone Troughs

A selection of small and medium sized stone troughs, barn supports and interesting ornamental troughs.

Sundials & Armillary Spheres

Initially designed as mathematical time keeping instruments, the sundial dates back thousands of years. The sundial is now regarded as the symbol of garden tranquility.


Enquiries / Orders
Please phone 0161 928 0854
or email bill@english-garden-antiques.co.uk

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