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The Best products to use for 100% organic lawn and plant care

Getting out in the garden is a favourite pastime for many.

However sometimes a love for growing things in the garden can mean you need to use strong non-organic substances to mimic the required nutrients in the soil.

Believe it or not, there are many 100% organic products, which can give the exact same results as using chemical products. All designed to improve the nutritional value of the soil.

Our friends at The Relentless Gardener have put together a list of these organic products and their uses, for us to share with you.

The Best products to use for 100% organic lawn and plant care


Bonemeal is possibly the most popular organic product on the market today. It’s loaded with phosphate, which helps the roots to establish themselves against competing weeds and even disease.

It also contains a small dose of nitrogen which is good for lawns and growth of plants.

That said, Bonemeal has quite a funky smell to it.

But don’t be deterred from using it because of that. It’s simply a fantastic ‘all rounder’ for any keen organic gardener.

Hoof & Horn

Hoof & Horn is one of the best (but underestimated) organic products on the market today. It’s packed with a good dose of nitrogen. Although it doesn’t contain any phosphate or potassium.

Some of the nitrogen will be released to the plants immediately, the rest will be released slowly over a longer period of time.

When mixed with Bonemeal at the right percentages, this can provide the perfect mix of Nitrogen and Phosphate to give your lawn a boost in both Spring and Autumn.

Sulphate of Potash

This is super soluble and perfect for some slight usage around the garden.

Sulphate of Potash contains an unbelievable amount of potassium in it. It therefore does a huge amount to contribute to the quality of fruits and flowers, while helping to combat disease.

If you want to use Sulphate of Potash on your lawn, then it’s best to add it to a mix of Bonemeal and Hoof and Horn. You should also use the right percentages depending on the time of year you’re applying them. For example, you need more nitrogen in Spring and Summer whereas you need more phosphate in Autumn & Winter

Organic sand / Soil Mix

Applying a 70/30 mix of organic sand/soil is a simple way of improving drainage on your lawn after doing some aeration of the soil.

Usually applied at 2kg per m2 on lawns as a top dressing. It’s then brushed or levelled across the top of the surface. It really helps to break down clay type soils where the grass is struggling to grow.

Sand can also help plants and flower beds where you require a more sand based soil.

Make your own at home

One of the hardest things to find when it comes to organic products is a good weed killer. So, making one at home might be your best option.

There are lots of articles on the web, which talk about making home-made weed killers. Be careful here though. Especially if you’re using them on your lawn. Most of them can harm the grass too if you’re not careful.


When somethings eating your plants, it’s easy to head to the nearest garden centre and find a bug killer.

However, that’s not really the most eco-friendly way of stopping your plants being eaten. Why because it creates an imbalance in the eco system. It’s a very slight imbalance but an important one.

Another option is to use an organic method known as Nematodes. Nematodes will get to work by infecting the bugs with a lethal bacteria before eating them.

Calcified seaweed

Calcified Seaweed is a granular product that helps to improve soils. Of course, it will depend on the types of plants you are trying to grow here as to whether this is the right product for you.

Calcified Seaweed is essentially an all-in-one product. Helping to provide calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, iron and carbon, all in one foul swoop.

One of the other benefits of using calcified seaweed on your lawn, as a dressing, is that it creates an environment that moss hates, while breaking down tough clay soil. It’s usually applied at around 70g per m2 when used in this way.

So, if you’re set on 100% organic gardening, this is definitely a product to have use on your plants and lawns.

Liquid Seaweed (Cold Pressed)

Liquid Seaweed is another product that is perfect for both plants and lawns. You can easily add it to your watering can when watering the plants at a ratio of 1:40. For example, if you have a 6 litre watering can, you should add 150ml of liquid seaweed, then water your plants as you normally would.

For a lawn, simply mix 25ml to every 2,000 ml of water and apply it to 25m2 of grass

Dried Blood

Dried Blood contains slightly less nitrogen than Hoof & Horn but it provides a solid rapid release of it. It works great on leafy vegetables such as Spinach and lettuce.

Poultry manure Pellets

Be careful when buying poultry manure pellets, as they can vary in NPK analysis as well as pH levels. Although tend to be more alkaline than acidic and contain a similar amount of Nitrogen Phosphate and Potassium. It’s often used before sowing new fruit and vegetable crops or as a top dressing for established plants.

So, there are 10 products that you can get using straight away in your garden. By doing so, you will be practicing a more sustainable gardening technique while also reducing your carbon footprint.

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