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Making Your Garden Enjoyable All Year Round

A garden, no matter how small or large, should be a space that you enjoy all year round, no matter what the weather. A garden is a place to connect with nature, and it is a place to go to when you want to unwind and relax. Making your garden accessible all year round needs a bit of planning and forethought, so what should you be focusing on to ensure that you enjoy your garden as much as possible?

All year round garden ideas

Create Features

A feature such as a birdbath or a butterfly garden will attract your eye, and it will divert attention away from other areas of your garden. Features can be anything from a small birdbath to a bird feeding station. A feature doesn’t have to be an elaborate statue or ornament; it can be anything such as a handmade sundial, a hanging thermometer, or even handmade mosaic ornaments that catch the light even in the winter sun.

Have a Theme

Gardens can be enjoyed a lot more when they have a theme. Throwing together lots of plants and ornaments and simply hoping for the best will not work. Instead, planning out your space and giving it a theme will ensure that you can make the most out of every space within your garden. When it comes to themes, you could look at focusing on a Mediterranean theme that features yuccas and palms, or you could create a cottage garden that is full of traditional plants such as geraniums, heathers, and hydrangeas.

Section off Areas for All Year Colour

When you are planning a new space, or you are upgrading an existing one, you will want to ensure that you get as much colour all year round as you can. Winter can be very dark and gloomy in your garden, so ensuring that you have greenery and foliage shining through is essential. Splitting up and sectioning off your garden using UK made steel garden edging can give you the division that you need. Splitting up areas, creating paths, and dividing areas can give you a renewed focus.

Incorporate Nature

From having bird feeding stations and birdbaths to having plants that bees and other pollinators love, incorporating nature as and when you can is important. Highly manicured and perfect-looking gardens are not good for nature. So, where possible, leave a small area of your garden untouched. Let nature take over in this area, let the weeds take hold, and let the birds, bees, hedgehogs, and even the snails and ants move in and create their own homes.

Creating a Seating Area

Of course, to enjoy your garden, you need places to sit. Having solid furniture to sit on that is weather-proof is important. Wooden furniture looks nice, but it needs staining every year or so. Metal furniture looks classic but can go rusty if not properly cared for. Getting the right furniture style and type for you and your needs will come down to what you want your garden to look like and feel like.

Plant a variety of seasonal flowers

This way, even if some of your plants die back in the winter, you'll still have others that are blooming. And in the summer, your garden will be a riot of colour!

Some great seasonal flowers to plant include daffodils and tulips for spring, roses and daisies for summer, and chrysanthemums and dahlias for fall.

If you're not sure what will grow well in your area, talk to your local nursery or check out Kingshill Property Solutions. There's bound to be someone who can give you some great advice on what plants will work best in your garden.

Gardening ideas for winter

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