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Insulated Plasterboard: A Revolution in Renovation

If you’re thinking about taking on a home renovation project, you have a long, arduous time

ahead of you. When it comes to considering all the things you want to accomplish and

improve, the prospect can feel daunting and overwhelming. With so many jobs to

undertake, materials to choose, designs to create, and budgets to stick to, you’re likely

looking for ways to speed up processes. What is one way of doing just that? The answer for

What is Insulated Plasterboard?

The term itself is quite self-explanatory. Insulated plasterboard, also called thermal or foam-backed plasterboard, involves a panel of plasterboard and a sheet of insulating material combined into one solution.

The “dot and dab” technique is used to install it. Adhesive is dotted over solid wall linings and this glue secures the insulated plasterboard into place.

Why Choose Insulated Plasterboard?

Instead of needing to install both plasterboard and insulation, insulated plasterboard kills two home improvement birds with one easy to install stone. If you are thinking about undertaking any project regarding your internal walls, especially if insulation and drywalling are needed, you could save yourself a great deal of time and energy by installing insulated plasterboard. Other forms of internal wall insulation can be quite pricey and invasive, but insulated plasterboard is much less disruptive and worth more for its value.

The installation of insulated plasterboard is a great idea for home improvers looking to reduce their heat loss within the home. As the cost of living crisis continues and energy prices soar, making a home more efficient is on everyone’s mind. Proper insulation assists with this, stopping heat from being lost and escaping. The environmental benefits are also to be considered. Doing your part to thoroughly insulate your home will contribute to the global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and global warming.

How Is Insulated Plasterboard a Time Saver?

Rather than needing two separate tasks of installing both plasterboard and insulation, insulated plasterboard saves time by adding both in one go. The process of installation is the same as that which would be used to install standard drywall:

The Installation of Drywall

  1. Attach the panels of drywall to joists or studs

  2. Join and tape up the seams between the panels of drywall

  3. Apply the finish, commonly a joint compound of some kind, over the joins in the drywall.

The only difference in the installation of insulated plasterboard is a positive one. Since the layer of insulation is already attached to the plasterboard, the whole process of installation is a lot quicker. Two lengthy installations are completed in just one process which can prove to save a lot of valuable time. If you are working on a big project, especially one that involves a large area like the conversion of an attic space, insulated plasterboard could prove to be your best friend.

Insulated Plasterboard is the Way Forward

Evidently, insulated plasterboard saves a great deal of time and energy, but it also can save you a lot of money. Your purchases are reduced to just one product rather than several components. In the future, your bills will be reduced saving further money over the months and years to come. Some insulated plasterboards also come with an extra layer of vapour control which will protect your walls against moisture.

Even though insulated plasterboard is easier to install, cheaper to source and quicker to implement, it certainly doesn’t cut corners when it comes to thermal insulation. There are certain makes and brands that achieve impressively low thermal conductivity figures.

With so many pros, insulated plasterboard is certainly the way to go!

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