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How to Make a Large Garden Feel More Intimate

A large garden is a wonderful thing. Green space is beneficial for positive mental health and physical health, and it creates a nice visual as well. Your outdoor arena is a blank slate for you to shape and mould as you desire, but if it is a large garden you may not know where to begin. There are some steps you can take to add intricate details to ample outdoor space to provide more warmth and intricate. This post explores how you might achieve this.

Gardening tips for large gardens

Install an Orchard

An orchard is a formation of varying fruit trees. Not only will you have something nice to look at but you get the added bonus of your very own fruit patch. Orchards are a good way to break up space as they can be easily planned strategically in different shapes and quantities.

Use Flowers to Your Advantage

Well-placed flower beds or arrangements give a splash of colour to an otherwise blank canvas. They are also a place for bees and butterflies to flourish which supports the biodiversity of your outside space. You could try climbing vines to accessorise garden walls or a flowerbed to break up a grassed area.

Add a Water Feature

Water features are ponds, fountains, and wells. They look nice, provide tranquillity and create an interesting talking point. They could be a focal part of a seating area or just stand independently.

Think About Garden Paths

Adding a path to a vast space helps to create walkways and separate up the different areas you may have. One major advantage of a path is that it gives you a way to walk about your garden without ruining your shoes in poor weather conditions, and preserves your lawn from overtreading.

How to Make a Large Garden Feel More Intimate

Build an Allotment

Much like orchards, allotments are valuable attributes to your sustainability. Vegetable patches also bring a sense of homely comfort to any garden environment because of the connotations of health, family, and hard work. It takes some research to successfully grow your own food, but once you do you will never go back.

Invest in a Garden Building

Perhaps the easiest way to separate spaces is by purchasing a garden building. Browse this range of Garden Buildings from South East to find inspiration for your space. This might be a simple but sweet shed or something more substantial like a summer house. If you are feeling particularly creative you could even build it yourself, but it is probably easier to buy something pre-made as it saves time and sore thumbs.

Set Up a Play Zone

If you have children in the house or in the family, consider creating a dedicated area for play. A sandpit or a slide, for example, are wonderful toys that provide hours of entertainment. Mark it off with a cute hedge, or playground style flooring to really emphasise your intentions.

There are lots of options for divvying up your grand outdoor arena. Whether you decide on a seating area or something more adventurous like starting your own vegetable adventure, your garden will feel that much more cosy as a result.

Gardening tips, How to Make a Large Garden Feel More Intimate

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