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How To: Keep Your Plants Healthy

There is nothing prettier to look at in the Spring than a garden coming into bloom. We may be a few months out from the daffodils pushing up, but it’s now that you should be preparing your garden for the frosty winter, which means planting the right bulbs and seeds now. You want a healthy, productive garden, and that means working on it now.

From purchasing grass seed for lawns, landscaping and more, to ensuring that you call out the professionals to relay your garden for you, you can make sure that you grow a garden that remains as healthy as possible. Below, we’ve put together all of the tips that you need to make sure that your plants are 100% healthy. Are you ready? Let’s take a look!

How to keep your plants healthy

  1. You need the right soil. For the best, healthiest plants, you need to have the right soil. The right soil is permeable, fertile and loamy and it’s also got to be the right pH. With the right soil, your plants are going to be fertile and healthy and without all of the chemicals in the soil, your plants will be productive, too.

  2. Pick the right plants. You have the healthy soil, but that doesn't mean that you have the right plants to go into that soil. It’s important to do more than just pick a pretty plant! You should choose plants that adjust very well in sunlight and the right moisture. They will then grow healthier easily, and you would have done this because you choose the right plants from the get go.

  3. Give them some space. If you want your plants to thrive, space is a must. They need room to bloom, as they say, and it’s one of the biggest factors that contribute to the healthy growth of plants. You want to ensure that you group the plants properly, and that means ensuring that the plants of the same kind are together to grow together. Plants also need the right air so don't group them too tightly!

  4. Water them regularly. The right plants outside need water - but not too much! You can actually drown your plants, and different plants have different needs for watering. Over watering is going to kill the plants as much as underwatering can do. The amount of water lost to evaporation is going to change depending on the area and the temperature. You can schedule sprinklers to go off at regular intervals if you’re worried, and this will give the plants an adequate drink that’s perfectly balanced.

  5. Remember the sunlight! If you plant the flowers and plants you want to see growing in the right place in the garden, they’re going to get enough time and space in the sunshine. Proper sunlight is a must if you want your flowers and plants to grow well. The position of the plants should also be such that they drain well after watering. Choose the sunniest part of the garden to plant your flowers and you’ll see them grow.

Gardening tips for beginners

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