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Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding in Your Own Garden

When planning a wedding, it is likely that multiple different options have crossed your mind at any given time: whether to have it abroad, whether to go out into the countryside or whether to do it in the city. One option that you may not have thought of however, may have been lying under your nose this whole time, chiefly, the option to host the wedding in your own garden. While on first glance that can sound rather modest, there are actually a few great reasons why having a wedding in your own garden is actually a great idea. Read on now in order to learn what they are.

Four Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding in Your Own Garden

You Know Where Everything Is

When you have a wedding at an external venue, you are basically putting your trust in the hands of strangers. While, naturally, a wedding at home will involve some kind of wedding planner and events company to succeed, your stress will be minimized by knowing where everyone should go and where all the items are in the house if there is any kind of shortage. Simply put, when you have a wedding at home, you are the one who remains in control. To kit out your garden so it is wedding-ready, check out the great services available at

No Travel Involved

The average amount that a British person spends on a wedding is a whopping £27,000. A lot of this can actually end up going on travel, especially if you want to have the wedding in another part of the country or another country entirely. Now due to uncertainty regarding travel due to the coronavirus pandemic, people don't want to be taking long journeys. That's why it is a much better idea to have it at home, as there is basically no travel needed. For the bride and groom, especially if they already own the house they are getting married in, all they have to do is wake up and walk outside and they will already be at their dream wedding.

It Doesn't Have to End

On a wedding night, people want to party for as long as possible. This isn't truly possible when it comes to having a wedding in an external venue as licensing laws will eventually call time on the festivities. If you have the wedding directly in your own house however, you are basically allowed to let people party all night long. The bar staff might actually leave earlier, but if you ask nicely, they'll be sure to leave a few bottles around.

It's Home

Locations carry sentimental meaning. This is especially true when it comes to a wedding. By hosting a wedding in your own home, you are already setting it in a warm and homely place, creating an intimate and heartfelt atmosphere. With that said, you should definitely make sure that you have a clear idea of how many guests are coming. The worst event that could befall your wedding is not having enough space for all the guests.

Planning your wedding day at home

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