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Do Younger Trees Require A Tree Report?

If you are planning on carrying out work on your property and are in need of submitting a planning application, you will need to consider the trees that are located near to your property.

Do Younger Trees Require A Tree Report?

A tree report is provided after a survey has been completed with the aim of finding out as much information about the trees as possible. This will enable homeowners to make specific decisions based on the outcome of the report and they are an important part of planning applications.

A tree survey is made up of many different parts and they will be carried out by a professional company that offers tree reports in Essex.

Does a report only apply to older trees?

If the report is being compiled to see how a development or change to a property will be impacted, then the report will contain many different types of information. Of course, older, more established trees are likely to be larger and that means that they could prove a problem soon in the future.

However, if it is not just larger and older trees that are covered in a tree report. This is because a survey will look at trees that have a diameter of more than 75mm and have a height of 1.5m or more off the ground. What this means is that it can also include young trees.

It is important that younger trees require a report as the species and health of the tree will determine how it will grow in the future while it will also help to spot any potential health problems. These problems could have an impact on older trees nearby while the trees could also pose a problem in the future.

Why Is a Tree Report Necessary?

In some places, a tree survey is required by law, and this is because there are certain species of tree that have to be protected which is why it is important to carry out a report on young trees. This will ensure that they can determine the health of the tree while also helping to shape any future decisions that have to be made.

If you are looking to build a new home or outbuildings or extend an existing property, a report will be necessary. This is also necessary if you are altering access or relocating services lines. The report will be obtained from the survey which will include every tree located on the site and those that are within 12 metres of any new building, new service line or new access point.

So, tree reports are extremely important and are designed for a specific purpose. Therefore, it makes sense to call in a company that you can trust.

Tips for looking after your trees

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