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Beautiful Experiences to Share With Your Daughter Before She Gets Married

For many parents, when a grown up daughter gets married, it precipitates a tidal wave of emotions. The most overwhelming, of course, is incredible happiness for them and their future spouse. They may also feel a great deal of excitement and anticipation as they help to guide their daughter through the minutiae of wedding planning. For many Mums, it’s like getting to relive the excitement for planning their own wedding all over again. But it’s perfectly okay to also feel just a twinge of loss. Just as it’s also perfectly acceptable to wonder just where all that time went.

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But for the parents of the bride, there’s a whole lot to be enjoyed in the run up to their big day. Here are some experiences that you’ll share with your daughter before she gets married. And while some may be bittersweet, they’re all beautiful in their own way...

Shopping for gorgeous outfits

Of course, your daughter will look radiant on her wedding day, and you can expect more than your fair share of tears when watching her try on dresses. You’ll get to laugh over some gowns that look incredible on the mannequin, but make your darling daughter look like a cupcake that’s sprouted legs when she tries them on. But you can also expect her eyes to get a bit glassy when you try on your Mother of the Bride outfits. Whatever look you choose, the memories of shopping for these gorgeous outfits will last a lifetime.

The hen night (obviously)

It’s okay to admit it. All parents of the bride look forward to the jovialities of the hen (and stag) nights. Whether your daughter wants to plan a raucous night on the tiles with drinking, dancing and greased up bodybuilders or a sedate retreat with spa treatments, yoga and cookery classes you can look forward to making new memories and bonding with your daughter in a whole new way.

Inevitable tearful phone calls

Wedding planning can get extremely stressful. Couples can lock horns over creative choices, who will and won’t be on the guest list and (of course) money. This means that at some point before the big day you’ll inevitably get at least one tearful phonecall about how it’s all getting a bit much and maybe this marriage thing wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Yet, while this may seem heartbreaking at first, this too is beautiful in its own way. It’s your opportunity to give her clarity, reassurance and perspective. It will bring you closer together as you work with her and her fiance to overcome the inevitable logistical hiccups and frictions that come with wedding planning.

Letting her know how proud you are

Finally, when you see her looking resplendent in her gown, her makeup and her finery as she gets ready to walk down the aisle, you’ll be able tell you just how proud of her (and her fiance) you are, how much you love her and how much you’re looking forward to having a new member of the family.

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