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7 Tips To Help You Completely Transform Your Garden

Gardening tips, Transform your garden

If you’re looking to make your garden a beautiful and practical space, you should read these 7 tips.

Your outdoor space is something to be treasured. It provides you with space to entertain, to relax. It enables your family to run around and exercise, to experience nature. It is a place to cultivate food, and to create a beautiful aesthetic to look at from your home.

If your outdoor space isn’t currently meeting your needs, we can help with a little bit of garden inspiration. Here are our 7 tips to help you completely transform your garden:


Weeding might seem like an obvious way to make a garden look better, but the difference it makes is really substantial. Spending an afternoon weeding can instantly refresh your outdoor space, with very little effort on your part.


Sometimes the issue isn’t the garden but rather the clutter in it that makes it look messy. Why not update your garage or shed to make your storage at home better?


Zoning is where you turn a space into different zones used for different reasons. You can do this outside and turn one single space into a garden with multiple areas with different uses. Play with different levels, textures, colours, tones and plants to transform how your garden works for your family.


If there is one place on your property you can experiment with loud colours without having to worry about going overboard, it is your garden. All those crazy patterns and prints you loved but never dared use in your home - get them in your garden! Experiment with colour outdoors and you’re sure to see a huge transformation in your garden.

Statement Plants

Depending on where you live, there are lots of plants that can really make your outdoor space stand out. Huge tropical plants like Gunnera, for example, can be absolutely stunning in the right setting. If what you feel is missing from your garden is personality, this could be the way to do it.

Add Some Purpose

Why not dig out those old gardening books and start a veggie garden? How about a yoga space? Or a reading bench? Sometimes the perfect way to change the way we feel about our outdoor space is to add some purpose. It is good for us to spend time outside but sometimes we need a little encouragement to do so.


Has the garden become a place you no longer enjoy because you can’t actually get to it very easily? Maybe the steps to it are too steep or the path is too slippy. Don’t just forget about being able to enjoy your outside space, you deserve to spend time out there. Speak to your local council about getting some help with home adjustments if you have a disability or if you are struggling with mobility issues.

Temporarily there are a wide range of easy adjustments that can be made to help you get into and around your garden.

Sometimes the most simple changes can be the most transformative.

Hopefully the tips above have helped you feel inspired to make the most of your outdoor space. With the right changes, it can be so much more beautiful and easy for you to use and enjoy.


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