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6 Ways to Modernise Your Home (But Maintain Its Charm)

Whether you’re a first-time decorator or more experienced with home projects and know what you like, creating a more modern appearance for your home can do wonders for the style and value of your property. However, many people associate modern decor with a sterile and cold atmosphere. They are scared that any upgrades will make their home lose its charm.

There is nothing to worry about, though, because while some upgrades might do this, opting for improvements and designs that maintain the charm is possible. If you want to bring your home into the 21st century and prepare it for the future, here are six ideas to consider.

6 Ways to Modernise Your Home (But Maintain Its Charm)

Use Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are one of the easiest ways for people to modernise their homes. Rather than rely on the deep blues or Bordeaux-reds found in more traditional houses, colours that are less in-your-face make an immediate impact.

#While this may seem dull to some, it can also improve your home’s potential, as the paint does not distract from other furniture. You can also rely on natural colours like brown or stone, especially for cabinets and furniture, as these are more versatile in different parts of the home and will still look suitable if you choose to decorate at a later time.

Update Your Surfaces

Older homes are likely to have surfaces that are stained, chipped, or otherwise damaged. While this adds a certain personality, it can also make the home look worn down. Furthermore, these materials can be difficult to clean, which also impacts the look of the home.

Updating your surfaces, whether this is your kitchen counter or shower panel designs will offer a solution. These are often easier to clean, which will make your home more manageable while still ensuring they look good where they are. You may even be able to match them with the existing design to ensure continuity.

Add New Lighting

Some homes are not bright enough, whereas other houses are far too bright, and this affects your sleep quality and comfort, as it feels impossible to get cosy when winding down. Because of this, the idea of adding more lights seems counterintuitive, but there are many contemporary ceiling lights that can boost your home's style and modernise it.

Picking unique lighting fixtures that offer something different from the standard central ceiling light gives you more to work with and adds something different to your home. Besides this, you can rely on natural light as well, which you can make the most of by rearranging furniture.

Create an Outdoor Space

You may already know the benefits of an outdoor living space, but if not, it comes with plenty to look forward to, both in terms of your property value and giving you a space to enjoy whenever you feel you need to get out of the house.

If you’re worried about bad weather (as you probably should) affecting this, consider covered areas or even areas that you can enclose to keep out the rain and chill. With this, you'll have a place you can enjoy throughout the year and be able to adapt it to suit the conditions.

Find Streamlined Furniture

If traditional homes are all about elegance and flowing shapes, a modern home is sharper and more direct. You may not want to get rid of all of your funky and comfortable chairs, but replacing other pieces with lower furniture can make your house feel more modern and even make it seem bigger.

These small changes are often enough to make a considerable difference in how you perceive your home. By making it easier to see everything, you feel you have more space to work with, which makes your house feel more open.

Look for Multifunctional Accessories

The best modernised homes are full of multifunctional items, such as tables that turn into storage boxes or hidden compartments that allow you to cut down on the clutter. You should be able to find these multifunctional accessories in any decent furniture or home store, so consider what your house needs right now and identify ways to solve this problem. Versatile items are ideal for households with kids, but even singles and couples can find something useful that will give them more with less.

This Modern Home

It is tricky to find the balance between a cosy space and one that feels modern. With these ideas, you will be able to achieve that balance and create a home that is ready for the future while still maintaining the charm that made you fall in love with it in the first place.

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