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3 Tips For First Time Decorators

Decorating isn’t something that most people get to do very often, and decorating your home for the first time can be quite challenging for many reasons. If you’re a first-time decorator, you have a lot to think about, whether it’s design choices, hiring options, or maybe even the costs - it’s all important, and you’re going to need to get things figured out if you want the right outcome for you. Interior design isn’t something you should rush, and you have to consider that you have to live with the results until you’re ready to change it again.

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Lights and colors are everything

When it comes to setting a mood, the lighting in your home plays a significant role. You don’t want to be sitting in dark and gloomy rooms, especially in the daytime - it makes the experience quite depressing, and it’s quite inconvenient at the same time. Trying your best to make sure you get as much natural light as possible is a great way to liven up your home a bit. Many do this by having a skylight fitted - it’s not an option for every room, but it’s a great solution! Aside from that, your evenings still need to be lit up manually - which you can do with lamps and such! Remember, different kinds of bulbs bring a different kind of mood with them! White or blue lights for a cooler mood, more towards orange for a warmer mood.

Colors can do so much for your home, all depending on how you use them and what you want. The way you paint the walls can change both the mood and feel of the place. Certain patterns and combinations can make the room feel bigger, or smaller, which can be great to experiment with. Just like lighting, your colors can influence the atmosphere. You don’t have to limit yourself to muted colors; your walls can be vibrant, it all depends on what it is that you want from your home!

Less can be more

You don’t need to clutter your home with too much furniture to make the place feel comfortable, sometimes having less clutter around can be the better option. Your walls don’t have to be lively, your floor doesn’t need to be occupied by various different furniture - just knowing how to work with what you have can be great for saving yourself money, and a stylistic choice!

Don’t be caught unequipped

Moving furniture isn’t always easy, and trying to take on that task alone can be dangerous. The last thing you need while decorating your home is an injury that could have been easily avoided. Getting something to help you move furniture from places like Evo Supplies can make the job much easier, and can take a lot of the risk of injury away from the process!

Decorating is something that should be enjoyable, and something that you’re looking forward to! It matters that you get things right, but learning how to make it easier while doing it can make it a much more enjoyable experience.

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