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6 Common Boiler Problems to Watch Out For

It is important to service your condensing boiler regularly. Problems do occur and you don’t want to be caught with a malfunctioning boiler during winter. Boiler engineers can identify the cause and carry out repairs. Often, it is a simple issue that can be swiftly remedied. We take a look at the most common boiler problems you may encounter. - English Garden and Antiques

Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler could be a sign of a serious problem. It is also one that you should not try to address yourself. The leak could be due to damaged seals, a malfunctioning part, corrosion in the tank or pipes, and too much pressure.

Hot Water without Central Heating

If you have hot water but the heating isn’t working in a combi boiler, it could still have its summer settings or be set to come on at a specific time. The boiler display will indicate if this is what you are dealing with and you can simply adjust the settings. The problem could be with the radiator due to trapped air. The radiator needs to be bled to release the air. This is something you can fix yourself. Once you have checked for these causes and the problem is still not resolved, you could be looking at a fault that requires investigation by a boiler specialist in Bristol. A boiler service in Bristol will normally help you avoid such issues, so make sure you book an annual gas boiler service from a company that offers gas boiler services in Bristol.

Low Pressure

You can read what the pressure level is on the display panel. It should be roughly 1.5 bars as exact levels differ between models and manufacturers. The reasons for low pressure are a bleeding radiator or a leak somewhere. Pressure also naturally drops over time.

Boiler Kettling

Boiler kettling happens when water is heated rapidly, causing steam when it reaches boiling point. Air gets trapped and makes a sound like a whistling kettle. One possible cause is a build up of limescale, Water moves more slowly, thus heating up too much. It needs to be cleaned. Another reason could be a malfunctioning part, which should be replaced.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Pipes can freeze over during the winter months. The condensing pipe is supposed to move waste water that results from the condensing process away. The system will shut down if the water freezes. You can thaw it out by pouring warm water over it. Once it unfreezes, the boiler should work again.

Disconnection Between the Boiler and Thermostat

The boiler should be responding to the thermostat. If this seems not to be happening, it could be a simple problem where the room temperature is higher than that of the thermostat. When the opposite is the case, you should replace the thermostat’s batteries and/or move it closer to the boiler. If the issue continues you will probably need to replace the thermostat.

While other problems may occur with your boiler, these six are the most common.

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