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5 Ways To Boost Your Outdoor Space For Free

Gardening Tips: Find out how to enhance your outdoor space for free using items you already have, or that are easy to get for nothing.

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Spring is here, which for many of us means going into our outdoor space to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe you can’t get anything new because of limited cash flow or shop access. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your garden a beautiful place to spend time in.

In fact, there are many ways you can enhance your garden, patio or balcony for absolutely nothing. Here’s how:

1. Switch The Material

If you have some spare blankets, sheets or even clothes in the house, you have spare material to use to upgrade outdoor furnishings. Why not have a rummage around your self storage in London from You might find some quirky old sheets you once bought at a car boot, or vintage blankets you loved the look of but never had a use for.

Once you have something you like the look of, checkout a sewing tutorial on Youtube and get making. At the very least you get occupied for an afternoon, and at most, your furnishings get an upgrade for nothing more than a few hours of learning.

2. Get Some Freebies

There are always people looking to throw things away or give them away for free. They probably don’t want to have to make a visit to the tip, which is where you step in. You can get all kinds of great things for free on second hand sales sites, like garden furniture and equipment. Even items like old pallets and beams can be transformed with a bit of imagination.

3. Rummage In The Shed For Some Sealants And Paints

Everybody has pots and cans full of paints that were never used up during a past project. Have a look at what you have and upgrade your tired looking decking or wooden furniture. Just don’t forget to sand and seal the furniture, which will protect it from future wear.

4. Green Stuff

The plants and the flowers are what truly bring a garden to life. Beautiful foliage, lovely blooms and fresh herbs, veggies and fruits or make a garden more beautiful and more economical. Many people at this time of year have spare plants going for free that they want to give away so as not to waste the new shoots and plants.

If you look carefully enough on listings in your local area or even on peoples drive as you walk locally, you will see many people have plants that you can take and nurture in your own backyard.

5. Free Features

There are so many free features that you can create yourself from items in your garden that you probably think are useless. You can make a bird bath from a plant tray and a few bricks. You can even make a water feature from a few terracotta pots. There are no limits if you are creative and you don’t mind taking a few hours to browse YouTube for some tutorials to help you learn.

The gardening tips above should help you get started in turning your outdoor space into a revitalised and refreshed version that you can enjoy this summer.

Remember that you don’t need any special skills and you don’t really need to spend any money if you are willing to put the time in to try a few things out.

Get creative this spring. Who knows, your garden could not only look beautiful, but be a great space for new learning and adventures.

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