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5 Tips for a Low-Maintenance Garden

Gardening tips: Everyone likes the idea of having a garden that helps push their property to another level, but it’s also true that not everybody wants to put in the effort required to make it a reality. And that’s fair: people are busier than ever (well, perhaps not now, thanks to the lockdown, but in general), and it can take a lot of time to stay on top of all your gardening tasks. There are ways you can make things a lot easier to manage, however. We take a look at a few tried and tested tips below.

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Less is More

You might want to have a garden that looks like it would take pride of place at the Chelsea Flower Show, but of course, if you’re going to have such lofty ambitions, then you’ll need to put the time into making it a reality. Instead, those people that value their time will find that it’s much more straightforward to adopt a ‘less is more’ approach. There are some beautiful minimalist garden designs that’ll make your yard the envy of the road, without having to put in hours of labour each week.

Artificial Options

When people don’t want to deal with the task of handling their yard, they usually take the cold option, which is to pave over the grass with slabs of concrete. This does make managing the garden a lot easier, but it doesn’t look great, and it doesn’t make the yard very inviting, especially for children. Thankfully, there’s another option that’ll have your garden looking great: artificial grass. Check out the Artificial Grass Group Samples, and see which one will work in your yard. This will be a great option for those people that feel like they’re spending too much of their time keeping their grass trim, and it’ll look great year-round.

The Right Plants

The sky’s the limit when it comes to which plants you can have in your garden. Indeed, it’s possible to have plants from all over the world! But it’s worth remembering that the more exotic the plant, the more love and care they’ll require just to stay alive. One of the smartest ways to reduce your gardening time is to buy plants that are native to your area. They are designed to thrive in that climate, which means the work you’ll have to do to keep them alive will be minimal.

15 Minutes of Work (Or Hire Someone Else)

You’ll have a long list of tasks if you’re only spending time working on your garden every couple of months or so. Instead, look at building short bursts of gardening activity into your schedule. If you do a small amount of work every couple of days, then you’ll keep things looking in great shape -- and you won’t notice the time impact, either. Alternatively, if you really don’t want to work in your garden, then you could always hire someone else to do the job for you. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits, with none of the labour!

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