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4 Wedding Trends in 2022

After almost two years of lockdowns, uncertainty, and uneasiness, our time to take a breather and enjoy life as we know it has arrived. Since most pandemic restrictions are gone, we now can plan our dream weddings. We can go back to celebrating our special moments in life surrounded by our loved ones, stunning wedding flowers, and tasty food. Here are five 2022 wedding trends worth exploring for your big day.

4 Wedding Trends in 2022 English Garden and Antiques

Bridgerton Weddings

The hit Netflix TV show that made our hearts flutter and our minds guess is one of the most popular wedding trends. You will need a luxury wedding florist to pull this off. The flowers, the dishes, and all those details sit in front of your guests throughout the whole wedding. Bringing the Regency period to life can be overwhelming, but with expert help, nothing is impossible.

Hiring a wedding florist would be the first step. Regency blue is the theme colour of that period, and all the flowers should be a tone of blue. Consider adding flowers to every table, the cake design, and all over the interior location.

Outdoor Weddings

Spending so much time at home during lockdown made people more excited about the great outdoors. Another popular wedding trend this year in Devon is having your wedding outside. With this newfound appreciation of nature, Earthy palette colours take over an outdoor wedding.

A Somerset wedding florist knows what flowers work the best in an outdoor setting and how they fit on the table arrangement. They predict that nude pallets such as soft pink, coffee, and caramel flower colours suit the best outdoors. Earthy, natural tones are making a comeback as people are more concerned about the environment. Experts predict that the wedding colour of 2022 will be rust, to match possible wedding venues like barns, country houses, and vineyards.

Wedding trends for 2022,  English Gardens and Antiques

Unforgettable Experiences

The pandemic slowed all our lives down, and for a brief two years, the world stood still. Once the restrictions ended, people desired to enjoy their special day by throwing a multi-sensory party.

Smells are an important part of this trend, and it doesn’t only include candle scents. Think on a bigger scale; think about scents that make feel something, such as special flowers from florists like The Rose Shed. A South West wedding florist can help you with one of a kind flower arrangement experience that will make your North Devon wedding day feel special.

Another sensory experience you can surprise your guest with is taste. Think of foods with unusual ingredients or different looks. Explore menus where the food looks a certain way but tastes completely different from how you would expect.

Bow Wedding Dresses

This year, one major theme for clothes is the bow, which includes bow wedding dresses. The 2022 catwalks spotted models wearing bow-type clothes, which intersected with bridalwear. The website Etsy has seen a 50% increase in bow gowns and even more in bow wedding accessories. The oversized bows are also making a comeback this year.

These are just a few suggestions that you can channel for your wedding. You can make your special day however you want, as it deserves to shine like no other.

Wedding ideas 2022

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