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6 Ways To Create Space In Your Home

If your home is feeling a little cramped but you don’t want to move house, these tips will help you create space with what you already have.

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Sometimes we love the home we live in, but it feels just a little bit cramped. Maybe there is a new pet, maybe the kids are older and have more stuff, or maybe it just feels too small to really enjoy.

If moving is not on the cards, do you just have to put up with feeling cramped in your own home?

Absolutely not, there are plenty of things you can do to create space in your home. Better still clearing out junk can even reduce stress.

To get your started, here are 6 of our best space-creating tips:

Switch Furniture For Space-Saving Options

Could your living room coffee table double as a storage box? How about the space underneath the bed? Sometimes we have more room available with the furniture we use, we just haven’t re-evaluated it in a while. Take a second look at your furniture and consider whether or not it could be switched for something more efficient, or that holds more storage.

Switch How You Use Rooms

Using methods like zoning can completely change the way a room works for you. Zoning works particularly well in open plan living spaces. Simply switching the layout of a room could also transform your use of the space.

Remove Seasonal Items From The House

Seasonal items can take up so much room in the house. They can also use up storage space that could be better used for storing other things you need regular access to. Self storage is a good option to help you store seasonal items that you don’t need all year round, clearing space in your home.

Utilise Wall Space

If you have high ceilings and extra wall space, you can take advantage of that space. Instead of storing items in a bookshelf on the floor, why not mount a bookshelf? How about getting rid of that huge TV cabinet and mounting the TV on the wall? If you have wall space and lack floor space, it makes sense to switch how you utilise those areas.

Declutter Regularly

If you struggle for space it makes sense to declutter - and declutter regularly. Everything in your home should be there for a purpose and if it is not used, does not work or you simply don’t like it, you should sell it, donate it to charity or recycle it. Why use up precious space on storing something you don’t truly value or love?

Natural Light Is Everything

Natural light makes a huge difference to how open and spacious any room feels. Perhaps it isn’t so much about how much space you have, but how open it feels because of the way it is lit. Clean your windows, clear the window ledges and let that light in. Suddenly your home might feel a lot more spacious, with very little effort at all.

Hopefully the six tips above will make you feel inspired about your home and the space it has to offer. All too often we get used to the way our home is, feeling restricted by it. Instead, by trying the methods above you can enjoy your home again and the space it has to offer.



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