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World Cuisine, 10 Best Food Cultures From Around The World

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There is quite literally a whole world of food out there waiting to be discovered.

But where do you start with so many to choose from? Below are 10 of our favourite food cultures from around the world.


Of course, Italian cuisine takes the number one spot. After all, who doesn't love pizza, pasta, and the other Italian food that is a common part of our diets? Italian food is traditionally heavy with zesty tomato sauces and you would be amazed at all the different things they're able to do with dough, as illustrated by the many different pizza styles that exist.


Japanese cuisine is a lot less common than Italian cuisine throughout most of Europe. However, while many people view Japanese cuisine as something that is far beyond the sophistication of their taste buds, Japanese cuisine is much more accessible than is often suggested. The Yo Sushi revolving sushi bar in London is a great place to start with Japanese cuisine. Many of the items and ingredients on the menu will be unfamiliar to westerners, but if you're anything like us then you will fall in love in no time.


The French have a reputation for taking their food very seriously indeed, and anyone who has visited France and eaten at a traditional French restaurant will be able to attest to this.

From delicious breakfast pastries to unusual local delicacies (don't knock snails until you've tried them), French cuisine encompasses a whole range of different dishes, many of which will be familiar to a British audience.

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American cuisine has seeped into many of our lives in the same way that other American cultural products have. Many of the typically American foods that we most commonly eat, in particular things like hot dogs and burgers, are often overlooked when considering foreign cuisines.

However, while some might not view American cuisine as being on par with its European siblings, the broad appeal of American food and its growing influence on our own cuisine is undeniable.


Mexican cuisine has really taken off in the UK in recent years, thanks in large part to the versatility of Mexican food. From salads to enchiladas to tacos to burritos, Mexican food was quite rare a few decades ago but is now a feature of every high street.


Indian cuisine is by far the most popular foreign cuisine in the UK. In fact, many Indian restaurants in the UK serve dishes that while we think of as being traditional Indian dishes are actually British-inspired variants of traditional cuisine. The impact that British and Indian cuisine has had on one another makes Indian cuisine unique amongst the others on this list.


The Spanish approach to food, a relaxed and inclusive approach that encourages sharing amongst friends and family is something that British people have embraced over the last few decades and Tapas bars are now a relatively common sight in the UK.


Street food is big in Thailand and this is why Thai cuisine has taken off in the UK. The extensive ingredient lists that accompany Thai food can be daunting, but the kaleidoscope of flavours is why Thai cuisine has become so popular.


Yoghurts, hummus, Taramasalata, the list of Greek foods that we encounter almost daily is huge. Greek cuisine is typified by lashings of olive oil and a generous mix of locally-produced ingredients.


Chinese cuisine actually came to the Uk in the 1880's firstly in the London's Docklands where they set up street stalls. Cantonese chef William Poon opened his first Restaurant in 1973. The sheer variety from region to region means that there is something for everyone to fall in love with.

These 10 global cuisines are our favorites by far. If there are any on this list that you have yet to experience, we wholeheartedly recommend you tuck in as soon as possible!

We would love to hear your thoughts!


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