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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Install a New Boiler

If your boiler is over 10 years old, it may be time to think about getting a replacement, even if it is still working. Boilers become less energy efficient over time, which makes them expensive to run, and when an old boiler does break down, it may be difficult to find replacement parts. In addition, most boiler breakdowns happen in the middle of winter, when already old and tired boilers are put under the strain of heating radiators and water in freezing temperatures.

When this happens, homeowners have to find a heating engineer who is likely already busy round-the-clock meaning that they have to face at least a few days of no heating and hot water. They will also have to pay higher labour costs, and unless they want to spend time sourcing and comparing multiple quotes, they will probably end up paying a higher price.

To avoid this happening to you, it is best to install your new boiler in summer, and here’s why.

Boiler installation

Heating engineers are often cheaper

The freezing temperatures of winter lead to more boiler breakdowns and frozen pipes which makes it the busiest time of year for heating engineers. When engineers are busy, they can charge higher prices for their labour. Therefore, in the summer heating engineers are not in as high demand and will need to be more competitive in their pricing. You will also be able to book an engineer to quote and complete the installation at a time that suits your schedule.

It is easier to cope without a boiler during installation

When a boiler breaks down in the middle of winter, you will be without heating (and possibly hot water, depending on the type of boiler that you have) for at least a few days while you wait for an engineer. Once they start the installation, it can take between 1-3 days to complete. This is a long time to get by without heating and hot water. Getting a new boiler installed during the summer means that you will not have to cope with the discomfort of a cold home.

You will have more time to compare quotes

By installing a new boiler in the summer, you will find more engineers are available to provide quotes at a time to suit you. Because you are not facing the urgency of a boiler breakdown in freezing weather and more engineers will be available, you will have more time to consider more options. You can research the different types and brands of boilers on the market to find out which have the best reputation for reliability and efficiency. You will also have time to compare several quotes which is the best way to save money on a new boiler installation. Visit to find out more about their boiler installation service.

You will be ready for the winter weather

With a new boiler up and running in the summer, you will significantly reduce the risk of having to deal with a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter. New modern boilers are much more efficient and cheaper to run. This could save you hundreds on your annual heating bills, especially if you get it installed before the winter weather hits.

As summer approaches, you may be looking forward to shunting your boiler to the back of your thoughts, but now is the time to make sure it’s in tip-top condition for next winter.

Boiler installation

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