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Why Hire an Architect for Your Home Extension

Home extensions are very popular. Extending your home is a fantastic alternative to moving to a larger property, saving you time and money, and giving you a chance to enjoy a home that you love instead of trying to find a new one. Many people choose to extend because they are growing their family, starting a home business, or just because they want more space. But extending isn’t as simple as adding an extra room somewhere. There’s usually a lot to think about, and most people find hiring an architect beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an architect to help with your extension.

Home extensions - hire an architect - English Garden & Antiques

Save Money and Avoid Mistakes

Unless you have professional construction experience, you should always hire a construction team to work on any structural changes to your home, including either adding an extension or converting a loft or basement. Liaising with the construction team can be difficult if you have no experience, and you might struggle to accurately describe what you want and manage the project well.

An architect will first make sure you can have the extension that you want and then work with your construction team to help the project come to life without any costly mistakes or time delays. Saving time like this can help to bring your project in on budget.


Not all extensions are the same. If you live in a period property or have close neighbours, there might be planning considerations that you need to make. Hire an Architect Cambridge and you’ll have someone to take responsibility for making sure you stick to regulations and laws and that your project is completed safely.

Make the Most of Your Space

Loft conversions are very common and can offer a way to make the most of the space that you already have. But even then, things like where the stairs are positioned, and how the room is laid out, can make a big difference to how much usable space you have. An architect will make sure your extension makes the most of your space and will offer you advice on the right kind of extension for your home.

Effortlessly Blend Old and New

When we extend, we typically want the indoor and outdoor décor to match our current home,

which can be especially difficult if you live in a period property or a house with very strong design features. An architect can help to make sure you blend old with new without creating an incoherent design.

Create Solutions

There might be problems in terms of layout and functionality, depending on your home's current layout. Your architect will come up with creative solutions which you may not think of yourself.

Less Stress

Trying to manage the project, even with the help of a full construction team, can be difficult and stressful. A professional and experienced architect can reduce stress and help you to enjoy the process.

Any large changes that you make to your home, especially those that involved changing the

structure, should be done carefully. If you want a high-quality extension that adds value and

function to your home, it’s always worth hiring a professional architect.

Why Hire an Architect for Your Home Extension

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