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What do You need for the Perfect Garden Party?

The warm weather is finally starting to emerge from its hiding place as all over the UK, people are relishing the chance to once again spend time with their loved ones.

Garden Party ideas, Summer party ideas

What better way to get yourself in the groove than by planning a classic summer garden party?

The success often lies in the details, and guests rarely forget a balmy summer’s evening spent with dear friends.

Here are some tips you may want to think about should you wish to throw the perfect garden party.

Keep the Set-Up Simple

Keeping it simple might mean letting your flowers do the talking and opting for a rustic-style space.

One of the many joys of being outside is the chance to be around nature, so detracting from the good looks of your garden with lavish decorations may not be the way forward.

A simple wooden table as the centre piece will work wonders, complete with a colourful parasol.

Taking a few cuttings from your various garden flowers and displaying them in a vase can help highlight the surrounding beauty, all the while staying aesthetically distinctive.

Mind the Temperature

Making sure to have some warm blankets at the ready is an essential for when the festivities pick up and the sun starts to set. Keeping your guests cosy is a great way to show them you are indeed the perfect host.

Similarly, for those of you feeling exceptionally optimistic about the warm weather, investing in a fantastic portable air conditioner service is ideal for keeping your guests from overheating when the sun gets too hot. This can be superb for temporary outdoor structures, ensuring the party keeps going whatever the weather.

Cocktail Pitchers

The perfect warm weather companion might be an ice-cold refreshing cocktail, and there are so many to choose from.

From the classic cosmopolitan to the sunshine favourite mojito, you can make a pitcher before your guests arrive and chill in the fridge for the most sublime start to a garden party.

Introducing a makeshift, D.I.Y. bar is also a great way to ensure people never have to wait for a refill, while also saving you from running back and forth to the kitchen every thirty seconds.

The Tunes

No gathering would be complete without a soundtrack. Moreover, it can help fill the silence if you suddenly realize the subject of working from home cannot provide too much thrilling conversation.

Why not go full sounds of the summer and opt for the Beach Boys, Best Coast or the Drums? Even some light background music from a small Bluetooth speaker can help to craft a light and bustling atmosphere.

Seasonal Food

Opting to choose seasonal food is a fantastic way to truly promote that summer vibe, because even though hot-dogs are a timeless, easy to put together option, going for something unique can make your party stand out.

Lawn Games

To shake up the proceedings and get your guests actively engaged, you might want to think about setting up a few lawn games, such as a gigantic Jenga tower in the middle of the garden, perfect for competitive fun at the height of a summer afternoon.

Garden parties, summer parties

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