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Wedding Entertainment Ideas Beyond A DJ

Wedding entertainment ideas

When it comes to wedding entertainment, most couples hire a DJ and don’t consider anything extra beyond that. However, there are all kinds of entertainment options out there for spicing up your special day. This could ensure that you guests have a great time and could help to make your wedding more memorable. Below are a few alternative entertainment ideas to consider for your wedding.

Live music

Live music has a different energy to recorded music. It’s often easier to personalise and could be more interactive. This could be used as a substitute for a DJ, or it could be included alongside a DJ - possibly at the beginning of the night or during the ceremony itself (it’s popular to have singers or string quartets during the ceremony).

There are live bands and musicians that specialise in playing at weddings. It’s worth shopping around to find a musician that covers the types of songs that you’re into, as well as fitting your budget (the most popular bands tend to be the most expensive).


A firework display could be an explosive way to celebrate your special day. This could be perfect for the evening - either at the end of the night or mid-way through the reception party.

When putting on a firework display, you’ll need to be certain that you have permission from the venue. You’ll also need to apply for insurance. You can find out more about putting on a firework display at a wedding here.


You could also consider hiring a magician for your special day. This could be a magician that goes around each table during the meals performing tricks. Alternatively, you could hire a children’s magician to keep the kids entertained.

Photography fun

There could be fun ways to entertain guests using photography. On top of hiring a professional photographer to shoot your special day formally, you could hire an interactive photo booth. Alternatively, you could put a disposable camera on each of the guests’ tables and allow people to take their own photos throughout the night (kids will love this!).


There could be various games that you could arrange throughout the evening. This could include classic fairground and carnival games. Alternatively, you could hire a roulette table or a pinball machine. This is a great way to keep guests occupied who may not want to dance. You could even host competitions and give away prizes at your wedding.

Bouncy castles/amusement rides

A bouncy castle could be a great way to keep kids entertained (and adults will love it as the night goes on). Another option could be to hire some fairground amusement rides and put on your own fair. This could include a carousel and teacups. Make sure that the venue allows these entertainment options.

Interactive food

Your wedding meal could also be a source of entertainment. Performing chefs have become a popular option - they cook at the table while performing various tricks. Other similar options could include singing waiting staff or a performing bartender.

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