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Want to Be an Interior Designer? Follow These Tips to Help You on the Way

Whether you are a budding new student or looking for a career change, interior design can be a fun and exciting new endeavour. As with most creative subjects, there is a lot of importance placed on your creative talent itself, but there is also a general formula you should follow too. If you want to know more about what interior design is like, aside from picking out your favourite bits of furniture, here is a few things that every interior designer has in mind when working on a project:

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Listen to Your Client

An important tip for many industries, listening to the client is hugely important. In a design field, it becomes even more challenging, as you must pay attention to every single word they say in order to work out their vision. Good communication is essential, as you want to get a clear idea of what they have in mind when you are presented with the brief. You should be able to present your mood boards, images, references, etc. to your client and read their reactions, to get a gauge on whether they are fully on board with your intentions. Ultimately, your goal is to impress your client, so knowing fully their likes and dislikes will affect the outcome of your project.

Do Your Research

To broaden your horizons, gain inspiration and ideas, research is key. The more you know, the more things you have to draw ideas from. It is important to have a broad depth of understanding of historical terms and design movements, as fashion has a tendency of repeating itself. People often draw inspiration from the past as it has so much to offer. Whilst the historical research is important, being on top of current trends is important too, so make sure to keep to date with new materials, trends and designs.

Understand the Space

Whilst the overall style and aesthetic is important, interior design must hold a certain amount of functionality. You should know what your client uses the space for, what is important to them and what they require from the space. Your space needs to be functional, as well as look pretty, so be investigative here. How much storage space do they require? Do they like their things on display or hidden away seamlessly? How well can the space be optimised? Your maths skills come into play here too, as you will often need measurements of the room in order to successfully fit everything in and have a clear layout.


Budgets are always made for a reason, so no matter how small a client’s budget is, your job is to stick to it. Money is important and can be stressful too, so whilst working with a smaller budget can be challenging, you will need to be thorough in your planning and resourceful in finding things that meet the brief and the budget. No client wants to overspend, and people will get understandably upset if you go over their budget. Once again, your maths will come into play here, as you must successfully manage all those numbers to meet your budgets efficiently.

If interior design is your passion or calling, always endeavour to keep learning and be excited about what it has to offer. There is lots more to think about and consider when being an interior designer, but these tips should hopefully get you on the right track.

Best of luck and happy designing! 💜

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