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Transform Your Home Into A Cosy Sanctuary For Autumn/Winter 2021

Now the nights are drawing in and the grey, rainy British weather is truly here, there is no better project than to task yourself with transforming your home into a cosy, comfortable, warm and inviting sanctuary for the autumn and winter months ahead.

The beauty of your impending home transformation is that it can be as cheap and as affordable as your budget allows, so here, for your reading pleasure, are some fabulous and cost-effective ways to transform your home into a cosy sanctuary.

Home ideas for winter

Rugs, Cushions And Throws

Textures and furnishings are one of the quickest ways to instantaneously add an overall sense of comfort and warmth to any room, particularly those areas with soft furnishings.

Enjoy browsing online stores and the high street for large, circular, thick floor rugs and, for extra design points at the same time, choose bold prints with a splash of bold colour.


One of the most affordable yet equally as effective ways to make your home feel a great deal cosier is to spend time perfecting your lighting, and this means in terms of the settings just as much as the style and shape of your lightbulbs and light fittings.

Overhead lighting is, of course, necessary in some rooms of your home, particularly the kitchen and bathroom where you certainly need to see what you are doing. In rooms where you are most likely going to be relaxing, however, consider eliminating elaborate ceiling lights altogether in favour of considerably more intimate and warmer lamps. For an even cosier feel, rebuke modern, metallic and simplistic light fixtures for more traditional, textured material lamp shades.


Perhaps somewhat obviously, one of the best ways to inject a level of warmth, comfort and cosiness into your home is the addition of a new fireplace (or the restoration of an old one).

There is truly no more ornate and beautiful type of fireplace than one that is designed in the style of an antique aesthetic, and there are a wide range of stunning designs available at

Indoor House Plants

There is a wide range of benefits to the addition of some real-life, indoor plants and flowering shrubbery into your home – not least the feeling of life and energy that relaxing with healthy and thriving plants around you affords you and your family.

There are many extremely affordable and easy to maintain indoor house plants, such as jade plants, peace lilies, spider plants and rubber plants – all of which require minimal watering and plant food.

winter home decoration ideas

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