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Timeless Cocktails That Are Never Forgotten

Even people who define themselves as unique will not try to challenge their assumptions when it comes to the bar. Instead of trying and letting the bartender tailor a drink to their liking, they will ask for the popular cocktail on the menu or the one that comes out in the most beautiful glass, often without even asking what it contains and what it consists of. A cocktail is perceived by many as a sweet drink with lots of sugar and canned fruits of all kinds whose purpose is to disguise the alcoholic taste. Of course now, people like to learn more and now we are at home more, we have to make our own! However, when the time is right again, you may feel more confident having your own cocktail party and in this case you may want to look at cocktail bar hire. These bar hires are great because you can have everything bespoke, for the times that celebrations are safe and secure again.

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Bloody Mary cocktail

One of those combinations that divides humanity into two: those who die for it and those who do not, but it is difficult to remain indifferent to the sight of this red-thick drink. Vodka, tomato juice and a whole mask of spices: salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce (for seasoning meats), a tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice and a stalk of celery create a drink that is a celebration for fans of tomato juice.

Rusty Nail Cocktail

A particularly successful combination of blended Scotch whiskey and Dermboy, honey liqueur based on single malt whiskey, create a great option for a drink for those who have difficulty with the brown spiciness of the whiskey but would still like to enjoy the legendary drink. Rusty nail can be blended very sweet or very spicy, depending on the dosage between the two ingredients.

Black / White Rashen Cocktail

Two famous brothers, the white one between them recently starred in "Big Lebowski" and gained world fame. A coffee cocktail that proves the power of simplicity: vodka and coffee liqueur for black, the addition of cream for white. An excellent substitute (or supplement) for cold coffee on hot summer nights.

Apple Martini Cocktail

40 ml vodka

20 ml schnapps potato

20 ml lime syrup

40 ml ginger ale

Shaken and served in a cocktail glass.

Manhattan Cocktail

40 ml rye whiskey (American)

20 ml red vermouth

slightly angostura bitters (bitter seasoning).

Stir and pour into a chilled martini glass.

So even during lockdown, you can still enjoy that delicious cocktail that you’d get at your local bar. With these timeless cocktails, you will always have a cocktail to impress with. The one good thing about cocktails is that there is always one to suit every palate. Sweet or spicy, weaker or stronger, you can make cocktails the way you like them and change them accordingly. So whether you’re a newcomer or already seasoned cocktail maker, you should always consider looking at buying a book that will assist you with your journey!

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