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The Benefits of a Multigenerational Holiday – and How to Enjoy it!

If your family holidays are usually just members of your household, the idea of a multigenerational trip and spending time with both your children and your parents might seem hectic and stressful. But this kind of family break can be some fantastic benefits for all of the generations involved. Here’s a look at some of the benefits, as well as some tips to help your multigenerational trip be less stressful and more fun.

The Benefits of a Multigenerational Holiday – and How to Enjoy it! - English Garden & Antiques

Rare Time Together

Most of us lead busy lives, and nowadays, it’s common for grandparents to still be of working age and for us to live in different cities or even countries. A lot of the time that we spend together is rushed or short. A holiday is a rare chance to spend more than a few hours in each other’s company without being rushed.

A Chance to Get to Know Each Other

Children change as quickly as they grow. If grandparents are used to fairly short visits, they might not feel like they know their grandchildren well. Every time they see them, they might have different hobbies and interests, and it can be hard to keep up. A holiday is a chance to get to know each other properly.

Time to Create Memories

Family holidays are often filled with activities and days out, which form brilliant memories that stick with us. Your children’s grandparents would love to be involved in some of these memories and have some of their own to cherish when they return to everyday life.

More Adults Can Make Life Easier

Travelling with children can be stressful and hectic. Parents often get home feeling more tired than when they left. Having more adults on hand can spread the load, making life easier and maybe even meaning that you get some time alone or a day out with your partner without the kids, which can be a rare treat.

Spread the Costs

More adults can also help to spread the costs of the trip, especially if you are all staying and travelling together. This can be especially beneficial if you are travelling in the school holidays when things can be much more expensive.

An Opportunity to Build Lasting Relationships

Getting to know each other and spending quality, unhurried time together can help the different generations build lasting relationships, which can continue to thrive when you’ve all returned to your busy lives.

Top Tips for a Successful Multigenerational Trip

While there are benefits, a big family trip can be stressful. Some great ways to make sure it’s successful include:

· Find the right accommodation. Staying in a large lodge in a peaceful setting like Yellow Top Country Park can be a great idea.

· Give everyone some space and independence.

· Schedule some time apart.

· Plan together, giving everyone input.

· Make big activities optional.

· Talk about money upfront, deciding who is paying for what.

· Remember, while they’ll want to help, grandparents aren’t babysitters.

A trip with children, grandparents, and perhaps even other family members is a great way to reconnect, have fun, and build lasting memories that can strengthen relationships.

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