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Summer Items We Are Not Ready To Pack Away Yet

Then summer might be over and we should be thinking about packing things away for the winter. However, there are some things in our gardens that can be year round features with a little creative thinking.

What to pack away for the winter

The hot tub

If you decided to invest in one of the many hot tubs on offer over the summer, there is a good chance that you have enjoyed it on a cool summer night. But, there is nothing like getting into a hot tub on a cold winter's day. When the snow is falling outside, it can be great to slip into a hot tub and let the chills and stress ease away. If you have a hot tub and want to use it all year round, it needs to be housed properly so that you don’t get frostbite.

The vegetable garden

A lot of people got into creating their own vegetable gardens and fruit bushes during lockdown and are not sure how to make them work all year round. This can take some planning but it is possible to get some tasty veg during the winter months. Or, at least prep the garden for new spring vegetables. This might require some research on your part but it won’t take long for you to get into the knack of having a vegetable garden all year round.

Kids toys

If you have kids, you might have a garden set for them to play on. During the summer, this is great but once the weather turns wet, it can mean a lot of mud. Instead of the grass, add some play bark to the area that they play so that they can play all year round. If you don’t like the idea of bark, just remember that it is easier to clean up than mud. And, play bark is a bit nicer to fall on than the solid ground.

A garden pod

The outdoor office became the best thing since sliced bread over the last 12 months, but is your garden pod winter ready? A lot of pods are just summer houses that the wifi stretches out to. To make your pod winter ready, it should be insulated and have a source of heat. And, if you are going to all this trouble, you might as well run the internet and electricity out there too.

Outdoor living

Staying outdoors when it is cold is not the best idea but there is no denying that it is great to sit outside on a nice day. Having a place to sit on a crisp winter morning and enjoy a mug of coffee is one of the best ways to start the day. Having the right garden furniture means that you can enjoy the garden all year round. We don’t recommend leaving cushions sitting outside to get wet but there are waterproof seats that are comfortable and weather resistant. When you have the option to sit and look at a clear winter sky and the stars, you will never want to go back.

Winter storage ideas

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