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Simple Ways to Drastically Improve Your Morning Routine

How to improve your morning routine, morning motivation

However much time we have (or, indeed, think we have) before our day begins, our early morning routines should certainly not just be wholly functional. Ideally, our morning routines should positively instill some much-needed vigour, enthusiasm, and sustenance, essential for the day ahead.

Set The Alarm 15 Minutes Early

In order to fruitfully design a morning routine that you will not only follow religiously but, over time, begin to savour, the first vital first step is to ensure you start to set your morning alarm at least 15 minutes earlier than you have to actually get out of bed. This allows you the luxury of more naturally and organically waking up, and your physical and mental wellbeing will definitely improve quite literally overnight.

Avoid striking the snooze button. The additional sleep you would catch from snoozing between alarms is more often than not particularly light and fragmented, which will undoubtedly leave you feeling more tired as a result.

Once you are awake, get used to spending just a couple of minutes each morning standing and stretching thoroughly.

Prepare The Night Before

Drink a cold glass of water just before you go to bed and prepare another one on the bedside table ready for the morning and set your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode when getting into bed.

Place freshly washed towels and towelling robe over your bathroom’s heated towel rail before you go to bed so that they’re toasty when the morning hits. For designer heated towel rails and radiators alike, peruse to find your ultimate, bespoke bathroom feature.

Ideally, set out your clothes for the following morning, particularly if you wear a uniform to work. Even if you are working from home, it’s a great start to the day.

Resist The Urge For Late-Night Screen Time

Scientifically speaking, using your smartphone before falling asleep at night is essentially a truly sleep-sabotaging habit. The very reason smartphones were developed was to make us more productive and psychologically engaged; logically then, this is clearly not the best thing to indulge in just before sleep. Additionally, the blue light that your smartphone continually emits is not only bad for your vision but is also just as bad for your brain.

Always Make Time For A Shower

A warm but not boiling hot shower in the morning can help shake off sleep inertia and undeniably helps reinvigorate the sense.

Not only this, a morning shower may also benefit you by providing you with a short time to think and plan the day ahead.

Eat A Proper Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is, if you excuse the ultimate cliché, the absolute best way to start the day.

Many studies have proven the numerous health benefits of eating a proper breakfast, such as improving energy levels and significantly improving our ability to concentrate in the short term. Additionally, it can help with more effective weight management, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and decrease the danger of heart disease in the long term.

Morning routines, finding the right morning routine.

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