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Seasonal Storage Changeover: How To Clean Garden Furniture For Summer

Collecting your tables and chairs out of storage ready for summer? Here’s how to clean them ready for use…

Garden storage ideas for winter

Lots of people choose to store their furniture in a self storage unit over winter. This is a really sensible choice for garden furniture in the UK because the wind, rain and cold between September and March can do a lot of damage to furniture.

Keeping it in affordable storage in London over winter means that it stays dry and secure, safe from potential theft and large changes in temperatures.

When the time comes to get the furniture out, there is little to do before you can use it again in your garden. Of course, there are a few things you should do for maintenance before those outdoor drinks start flowing.

Here’s how to clean garden furniture for the summer:

Wash Or Change Cushions/ Cushion Covers

Washing the cushions and covers will help to freshen them up after storage. If the cushions are a little limp and thin, consider switching them for new ones or adding to them. If the covers look a little dated or stained, consider trying out some new bright material for a more modern look.

Change Any Broken Furniture

Did you put all the furniture into your cheap self storage unit without checking it last year? It’s easily done, but it is important to check the furniture over when you get it out again. If there is a weak or broken chair or table, it could be dangerous when it comes to using it again. Actively push, pull and test the furniture well before it is used. Anything that isn’t fit for purpose should be changed out for something usable.

Treat Any Rust Or Mould

Any rust, mould or other similar issue with the furniture should be treated with the appropriate varnish or cleaning solution. Left alone it could eat away at the furniture and cause it to rot.

Clean Thoroughly

Wood - To clean wooden furniture you can hose it down but you may wish to hoover it instead and keep the moisture away. A damp cloth is a great alternative. Varnishing the wooden furniture after is a great idea to protect the wood.

Metal - You can rinse metal garden furniture down with a hose and a cloth before leaving it to dry in the sun. You should place some metal paint on the furniture afterwards to help protect it.

Rattan - The best way to clean rattan furniture is to hoover it out and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Plastic - Plastic is very easy to clean - you just hose it down and let it dry in the sun. You could also include bleach in the mix to restore the brightness of the furniture. This article explains exactly how to do this for the best possible results.

Now You’re Ready For Months Of Garden Fun

Now you have cleaned and maintained your garden furniture you can enjoy it over the warmer months. When it comes to storing it again in your self storage unit in London, remember to clean and dry it again so that it’s in great condition when the time comes to get it out for another summer of fun.

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