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Protecting Your Driveway This Winter

Winter can be hard. Our energy bills rise, we struggle to keep warm, and our homes and garden can face weather damage. Your driveway gets a lot of heavy use and is fully exposed to the elements, so it’s no surprise that without the right care it can quickly get damaged and start to look unkempt. Here are some of the best ways that you can protect your driveway this winter.

English Garden & Antiques - Driveways tips

Get Help

If your driveway is already untidy, damaged or needs a full relandscape to look its best, get help from a professional that specialises in Driveways Solihull. They can help to improve your kerb appeal by creating a more attractive and functional driveway, making sure your driveway goes into the winter months looking great, but also with the best possible protection from the elements.

Shovel Snow as Soon as Possible

Leaving snow to sit gives it time to cause damage. If left, the snow will freeze, damaging the driveway underneath. Then, as the frozen snow and ice thaw, the excess water will seep into any cracks and gaps, causing further damage. If the temperature drops suddenly, this water can freeze, expand and cause even more problems. When it snows, try to shovel your driveway as soon as possible, to avoid letting snow sit and cause damage.

Sweep Leaves and Tidy Debris

Autumn leaves quickly turn into mulch during the winter. These can cause a slipping hazard, lead to the growth of moss and mould, and trap water, which can freeze and cause damage to your drive. In bad weather, you might find that debris and litter blow into your drive too, leading to similar issues. Make sure you sweep and remove fallen leaves and other debris regularly.

Use the Right Tools

Using harsh tools to protect and care for your driveway can also cause damage. Metal shovels can scratch and dent the surface, and even harsh bristles can cause damage. Jet washing is another problem. Cleaning your drive with a jet washer is a great idea unless you have laid paving, as it could remove the sand from between the stones. Instead, use a plastic shovel, and a gentle brush, and avoid jet washing if you have paving.

Avoid Chemicals

Often, the chemicals that we use to clean do more damage than good to the surface, our health, and the environment. Avoid chemicals and instead clean with natural solutions.

Use Sand Instead of Grit

Gritting your driveway before snow and ice is a great way to avoid slips and stop ice from forming. But this grit is harsh and can cause damage of its own. Use sand instead, which has similar benefits without the risks.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Even very small cracks and gaps let water in. In the winter this water freezes and causes much bigger crack and often even very costly damage. Make sure any cracks and repaired and gaps are sealed.

Maintain Good Cleaning Habits

Getting into good cleaning habits is probably the best way to protect your drive this winter. Spend a little time every week sweeping, cleaning, and checking for damage.

Simple things, like getting into good cleaning habits can make a huge difference and help you to avoid costly repair bills in the future.

How to protect your driveway this winter - English Gardens

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