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Post-Lockdown Party Ideas with a Difference

A great achievement deserves a great party, and making it through lockdown for the second time is certainly a feat worth celebrating.

If you are one of the many avid dreamers who cannot wait to meet up with your best friends in a post-lockdown UK, it might be worth getting excited over a few party ideas with a difference.

It is, however, incredibly important to familiarise yourself with the current restriction guidelines in order to protect yourself and others.

Here are a few ideas you might wish to consider when the time finally comes to reunite with the ones who can bring the fun to the foray:

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A Great Escape

In an effort to truly get the mind racing and perhaps even engage in some light hilarity, you may want to check out this live escape room London company for a world-class, fully immersive experience.

Put your problem-solving skills (and your friendships) to the test in escape rooms with themes ranging from a kingdom of cats to a zombie apocalypse and everything in between.

Moreover, you can use it as a chance to take in the best sights London has to offer for the perfect long weekend.

The Classic Wine and Cheese Night

For something on the quieter side, the classic wine and cheese night very rarely fails to impress, especially if you go all out on the selections.

These can be a fantastic way to ease back into the concept of seeing your friends again after a long break, which can be ideal for anyone missing the joy of conversation.

Once the music is on and the wine is paired, you might be able to feel a semblance of a familiar evening of indulgence with the ones you love most.

A Retro Themed Bash

Speaking of the familiar, why not take it all the way back and host a retro themed party, complete with costumes and dedicated décor?

For those of you who enjoy relishing in a little nostalgia or simply prefer the zeitgeists of the previous decades, this can be a fun way to host a party with its very own unique flavour.

A disco ball might make for the perfect finishing detail that can transport the night back to the past.

Host an Awards Night

Awards should not have to be reserved for the film stars of the world, and throwing your own awards night should do more than enough to prove that.

You may want to think about rolling out a red carpet, insisting on a formal dress code and coming up with your own awards tailored for your friends’ best, or possibly worst, qualities.

This can be a good way to show your friends how much you have thought about them and which of their traits you admire.

A Movie Night

Sometimes, settling in with a gigantic bowl of popcorn and watching favourite movies with friends is the only way to spend an evening.

You could even go one further and screen an entire trilogy in one day!

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