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Planning Your Wedding for 2021? 10 Beautiful Wedding Favour Ideas to Treat Your Guests

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Planning a wedding is no simple task. It typically takes months, even years to plan that perfect event that honours the love between you and your significant other, and yet also provides all your guests with a fabulous time that they will remember in the years to come. There’s no doubt that if you’re currently planning for a 2021 wedding you have lots on your mind, and many tasks all in mid-process, but it doesn’t hurt to get as organised as possible in advance.

Here we’ll take a look at 10 beautiful wedding favour ideas that your guests will love and will help to make the day that much more special.

Personalised Mini Champagne Bottles

Why not give your guests the ability to toast you as a new married couple by sending them home with personalised mini champagne bottles? You can have your names and the date of your wedding included on the customised label and know that your favour won’t go to waste.

Seeds for the Garden

Another really special idea is to give your guests seeds that they can plant at home in their own garden. Or, you can even put the seeds in individually wrapped flower pots for that special touch. Planting seeds means there will be a permanent reminder of your special day.

A Small Tree – Sapling

Along the same lines is a small tree, or a sapling that you can wrap in a cute burlap pouch and tie with ribbon. Again, the concept is to provide guests with something lasting from the wedding.

Handmade Desserts or Sweets

Here’s a crowd pleaser that definitely won’t go to waste; any time you can send guests home with something yummy, they will be thrilled. Homemade desserts or sweets are the perfect option.

Decorative Hot Chocolate Containers

Here's a cute idea if you're having a winter wedding - send your guests home with something tasty, warm, and cosy. You can fill decorative containers with hot chocolate mix topped off with mini marshmallows.

Infused Oil

For the foodies out there, infused oil can be one of the most-used ingredients in the kitchen. So, why not treat your guests to this fabulous flavour experience?

Cocktail Accessories

Why not help your guests to be the best hosts possible with items related to making and serving cocktails at home? That could include things like a cocktail shaker, cocktail glasses, and other such tools.

Customised Beer Steins

If you’re a couple who enjoys craft beer, or just any beer for that matter, why not speak to your interest and send guests home with customised beer steins?

A Photo Frame

Who couldn’t use a photo frame? What a wonderful and simple gift to give guests. You can even personalise it by including a photo of you and your significant other in the frame.

Tea Towels

Whilst these are simple, tea towels can also be an elegant and lovely wedding favour. You can choose from a number of different fabrics and colours and even have it embroidered with a special quote or date on it.

Plenty of Great Ideas

This is just scratching the surface of the many great and beautiful wedding favour ideas for your guests.

For some other great ideas to help you plan for your wedding, pop over to Affect Magazine for further inspiration.


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