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New Year, Home Styling Trends for 2020

Home Styling Trends 2020,  home decor trends 2020

The new year is here, giving many of us the excuse we need to make some serious changes to our lives. But change is hard, especially if you're still stuck in the same physical as well as emotional space as last year. Sometimes, a redesign of your home interior can give you the push you need to make lasting changes.

Below are four of the key home styling trends that you need to know about for 2020.

Smart Style

Smart homes are becoming increasingly common. As time goes on, the hardware needed to run a smart home is becoming more capable and more accessible. Lots of homes have an Amazon Echo or a similar device in place already. For these homes, creating a smart home only requires a few other pieces of tech.

As smart homes become the norm, they are rapidly transitioning from being a curiosity for geeks to something that mainstream home designers take seriously. Expect to see a rise in the number of interiors that have been designed with smart home functionality in mind.

Multipurpose Spaces

In the modern world, the notion of a device that serves only one function is becoming something of a novelty. Compare the traditional wristwatch, there to tell you the time and nothing more, to a modern smartwatch. Just as we are demanding more functionality of the products that we buy, there are also a growing number of people coming to reject the idea of a single-use space.

This isn't just a design choice; this is also to do with necessity and practicality. For most people aged 30 or under today, owning a house is a distant aspiration. Younger generations are used to having less space to work with and the need to use what is available as efficiently as possible.

Over 2020, expect to see more interior spaces that can serve multiple functions or be altered easily as needed. Single-use rooms are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Interior design ideas, English Garden and Antiques


Predicting the future is notoriously difficult. Even for those who are well-versed in their respective fields, it is often difficult to guess what the future will hold with any reliability.

It is no surprise then that designers and manufacturers working in the late 20th century were well wide of the mark when designing ornaments with a futuristic look.

However, the look that resulted, retrofuturism, has gone on to acquire a pedigree all of its own. Now that the future these designers predicted is the present, their designs have taken on a new significance and we are increasingly seeing retro futurist furniture and ornaments making their way into contemporary designs.

From Vintage to Antique

After a style or item has been around for a couple of decades, it acquires the coveted vintage status. Vintage fashion has always been popular with younger generations. Many of these people are now carrying over their love of vintage pieces into their approach to interior design.

This is nothing new. However, what is rapidly changing is that we are seeing more and more bonafide antiques taking their place alongside vintage designs in homes. Even more surprising, while we generally think of antiques as things that appeal more to older and wealthier people, the trend for incorporating antiques into interior design philosophy is occurring across all age groups.

These trends are just some of those that we are expecting to make a big impact on home styling throughout 2020. This is a field that moves fast, and we are excited to see where these new trends might take us.

EGA would love to hear your thoughts and any other interior design ideas you may have for 2020.


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