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Let the Adventure Begin! Our Personal Renovation Project

Garden, beautiful views from the property, renovating
One of the views from the house, and garden of the property

It has been a busy couple of months here as editor of English Gardens and I wanted to share with you a new personal adventure that myself and my family are embarking on.

We have lived in the UK all our life and of course we still have roots there. However, temptation and desire got to the best of us and we could not resist purchasing a renovation project in Portugal.

We would love to share with you our journey over the next few months whilst renovating our property and making this a beautiful home.

Our first photos are showing you how we have set up camp (so to speak)! and a little insight on our plans. 😄

With no living accommodation, we have placed our rather large tent in the “to be” kitchen. My office is in the small “to be” annex and our kitchen is in the potential library.

So, what is first? Hubby Phil will be moving the septic tank to the front garden and laying the driveway (so we can actually get to the house in a vehicle) ha!

After this, the exciting part begins and we start work on the actual house.

We cannot wait to show you the various stages of our project, and I will post our progress over the next few months to keep you up to date!

Renovation works, renovations, Courtyards
Courtyard of the property

Renovation projects, renovating ideas, renovating UK and Portugal
Front view of the house we are renovating

Kitchen renovations, renovating work, renovations
Setting up camp in the actual house. This will eventually be the kitchen :)

Barn conversion, conversions, renovating works
The barn will eventually be converted to a library/music room. For now it's our kitchen!!!!!

Renovation works, renovation ideas, barn conversions
Entrance hall. This leads through to the living room and kitchen

Follow us on Instagram for all the updates, we would love to share our adventure with you all!


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