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How To Stage Your Outdoor Space For A House Sale

Read about how to ensure your outdoor space looks beautiful for potential buyers when they come to view your home.

Stage your outdoor space

A lot of emphasis and effort goes into staging the inside of a home when it is being sold. This is, of course, important as much of the value of your home is generated by it’s internal appearance and features. Most people understand the benefits of home staging, however, with houses getting smaller and the country getting more and more populated, outdoor space now comes at more of a premium than ever before.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the slice of nature that comes with your home. With the right presentation, it could really help to sell your property to potential buyers.

Here’s how to stage your outdoor space for a house sale:

The Front Garden

The front garden is important not because of how it is used, but how it makes your home look at first glance.

An untidy and messy front garden can really undersell your home and ruin that all important kerb appeal.

To get the front of your home looking its best spend some time doing the following:

● Weeding

● Mowing the lawn if you have one

● Removing any old pots, toys or debris from the front of the property

● Cutting back any plants that are overgrown

● Cutting away plants covering over windows

● Removing any ivy from the front of the property

● Repairing broken walls, fences or gates

You may also wish to improve the front of the property by painting the front door and adding a splash of colour with some flowering plants. A fresh, clean front of the house can only improve your chances of turning drive by views into full internal property views from potential buyers.

Gardening ideas to stage your home for sale

The Back Garden

The back garden is your chance to sell a lifestyle to the potential buyers taking a look around your home. Whereas furniture in the back garden will enhance the idea of how the garden can be used, toys tend to just be an eyesore. A large slide or trampoline can obstruct the view of the overall garden, and it won’t do the size of the garden justice.

Consider placing large unsightly items from the garden in you shed or garage if possible or even rent a temporary self storage unit until you can place them in your new home. Self storage is also useful when trying to sell a home to keep items that may be creating clutter.

Once the garden is clear, it is a really good idea to ensure it is tidy with a mowed lawn, neat edges and any plants and shrubs cut back. An overgrown back garden may frighten viewers into thinking it is high maintenance, something most people do not want. However, a well maintained garden with lots of space for relaxing, playing sports, or entertaining, is a great prospect for any potential buyer.

Staging your outdoor space is a really important part of selling your home. With an afternoon or two of work and some elbow grease, you’ll have your outdoor spaces looking beautiful, ready for those all important viewings.


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