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How to Replicate the Traditional English House Style

When we look at interiors, there is definitely a wide variety of options to choose from, not to forget those who enjoy mixing and matching too. That being said, occasionally there is the desire for us to go back to the home’s roots and embrace its traditional style. After all, classics are classics for a reason!

Whether it is the beautiful four-poster beds, the thick floral curtains, or the comfortable but grand seating in the living room, there are many components to the stunning classic English home style that can be implemented into any house and enjoyed by anyone.

This piece will discuss some of the ways in which you can decorate your house to replicate a traditional English home.

English country houses

Traditional Colours

There is little room for neon green here (unless you are mixing and matching styles, of course).

Traditional colours such as soft pastels, rich earthy colours and flexible neutrals will work well in an English countryside style. This selection also means you have a decent number of colours to choose from! Think pale mint bed sheets, deep mahogany-stained oak, and light yellow accents.

Mix Up Those Materials

The traditional English style loves a good layer of fabrics, and the different number of materials used in this comfy yet understated luxurious style will leave you spoilt for choice. That being said, English home style classically encapsulates cotton as the icon of fabrics for items such as bed sheets, duvets, and gloriously heavy, patterned curtains. When it comes to English furniture, look no further than quality wood. Wood helps accentuate the countryside nature vibe and can also come in a variety of different colours and stains to suit your preference.

Look Out to The View

The outside of your home can matter just as much as the inside of your home when it comes to style, so if you are thinking about making some big changes or need some upgrades, then the windows are a good place to start. While some old traditional styles are no longer made or suitable for new properties, windows such as bay style windows, for example, have taken inspiration from the Victorian era, which can provide both comfort and safety in your home. They also offer plenty of light into the rooms for you to enjoy your new style too! Just contact windows Stourbridge for more information on getting the ideal windows for your dream house.

Pretty Patterns

Patterns are an absolute staple when it comes to the English country home style. Whether it is large florals, stunning historic designs, or dainty chequers, there will be something that everyone can fall in love with. There are also no rules about layering these either, so mix it up or pick as many as you would like to bring your rooms to life.

The goal is to create a comforting homeliness, which can be said to be the opposite of a minimalistic design but also inspires an air of sophistication.

Country home interior design

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