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How To Protect Your Most Precious Possessions During A Renovation

Renovating your property

Find out how to ensure your most precious things stay safe when your property is filled with workmen, dust and potential dangers to your property.

A house renovation is a really exciting time, but there are a few stressful aspects to the work to navigate before you can enjoy the final results.

As well as the logistics, ensuring the workmen turn up on time, and helping your pets and children carry on daily life as normal throughout the disruption, you’ve got your hands full.

To help avoid even more chaos occurring throughout the process, it makes sense to do as much preparation as you can. This includes setting up new temporary cooking areas or toilet areas if you need them, getting the pets into kennels and allowing yourself lots of time to deal with any issues that crop up.

To help you with an important part of your renovation preparation, we want to help you protect your most precious possessions during your renovation.

It is one thing the builder breaking an old mug, but another having dust blown into a family heirloom to the point of no return.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to keep your most important things safe during a renovation:

Create A Safe Room

Do you have a spare room that is quite far away from the renovation? If you do this could be the ideal spot for your most precious possessions. All you need to do is prepare delicate items, like your antiques, then place them in the room, air locking the seal around the door with tape. By doing this, the dust cannot get to the items and they won’t be knocked over by the workmen.

Move Things

If the work being done isn’t particularly messy, maybe you simply need to move items at risk of being knocked over. Anything either side of the walkway the workmen will use should be moved. You should also be aware of any drilling or banging that could cause items even in the next room, to wobble and fall over. You can’t go too far when it comes to protecting expensive items that you love.

Wrap Your Items

You may wish to wrap items of particular value to you. This can often be enough to ensure they are protected from dust, which gets everywhere. Padding and plastic wrap can go a long way to keeping possessions like pianos and clocks protected from debris during renovations.

Get Them Insured

If the items are of no sentimental value to you but they would cost a lot to replace, then you may want to look at insuring those items specifically for this period of time. This can be handy if the items are bulky and difficult to relocate.

Most construction and building companies will have some level of insurance, but it might be worth adding that extra protection with your own insurance on specific items.

If All Else Fails, What About Cheap Self Storage?

If the above aren’t enough protection for you, especially if you have priceless antiques and possessions that require special care, consider cheap self storage. Self storage is somewhere you know that your things will be safe, because self storage facilities know that is why you are using their services. CCTV, lighting, 24/7 reception, security guards and various lock points, are just some of the benefits of self storage. In addition, features like climate control can be particularly beneficial for keeping antiques in great condition until you can collect them. Find out more at

Hopefully our tips above have helped you feel able to keep your things safe during your renovation. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying your home, with all its new features and with all your most important possessions safe and sound.

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