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How to Host the Perfect Bridal Shower

Now that you have been chosen to be the maid of honour at your best friend’s wedding, you have decided that she deserves nothing but the best for her bridal shower. You’ve booked a room in one of England’s finest historic castles, and now you want to host a shower fit for a princess. To you, your friend will always be royalty so it’s important that you give her a party she’ll long remember. However, now you just aren’t sure that you can live up to the challenge. Here are some thoughts to help you through it all.

Bridal Shower Ideas

Getting the Invitations Out

Normally, you’d be advised about getting the venue first but since you’ve done that, it’s time to have the invitations printed and posted. Since you’ve set the venue, the theme should match that and so you might want to mention something about how to dress for the affair. At this point, you start thinking about what you will wear as the host and since it will be an afternoon tea at a once royal palace, you realise you have nothing suitable. As a plus size girl, this can present a problem unless you know where to shop. Why not try where you can find plus size fashions from leading brands in Europe? Now that you have that settled, don’t forget to mention the ‘theme’ on the invitation and ask for an RSVP.

Selecting a Caterer

Since your event will take place in a manor home out in the countryside, finding a caterer may be a bit problematic. You will want one with staff to serve the luncheon and also staff that can prepare a proper English tea and, of course, served in the proper order beginning with savouries. These would be finger sandwiches filled with an assortment of fillings. Next on the list would be what have historically been called ‘neutral.’ These would be crumpets, scones and buns. After that, your guests will be delighted with sweets such as biscuits, pastries and cakes. If you’re going to do a proper English tea at a royal palace, it must be done right!

Book the Entertainment

This may be a bit costly so perhaps you could visit a local university to see if there are students that wouldn’t cost as much to book. What you are looking for is chamber music that by its very nature is meant for small groups and is also known as the “music of friends.” A string quartet might be nice. Perhaps you could have them playing softly as you greet the guests and maybe a bit during the tea. If cost is an issue, choose an hour that you feel would provide the best setting for your affair, but music is a must. If you can’t afford live musicians, there’s always recorded chamber music you could play softly in the background. Even so, music is a must to complete the effect you are after, so don’t forget to plan for that.

Doesn’t this sound like a bridal shower fit for a princess? If you start early enough, it really is something you can plan, and it may not be quite as costly as you’d imagine. Even so, it’s your very best friend so a few extra pounds will be pounds well spent.

Best bridal shower ideas

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