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How Lockdown Is Affecting Our Lifestyle and Online Spending Habits

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High streets up and down the UK are still like ghost towns right now, but there are a number of businesses who have successfully reverted to operating online which of course is great news.

Existing businesses that are still able to keep operating in some capacity are of course still doing so, with many operating on an online-only basis for the foreseeable future. Of course, a lot of people are using Amazon for their online shopping needs (aren’t we all!) but they are far from the only players in town. In fact, there are a number of retailers working hard to provide us with what we need in these trying times.

What Are We Buying?

With every crisis, there comes opportunity. Being stuck indoors might be fun for a while, but it soon begins to wear thin. However, being stuck inside with time on your hands does give you the opportunity to learn some new skills or to rediscover a long-forgotten hobby. Time is what you make of it after all, or so they say!

Home Gym

As a result, in addition to essentials like groceries and medicine, the UK has been going on something of a fitness kick. Obviously, gyms are out of the question for the foreseeable future, however, people have been turning to weights and other home gym equipment. As we said before, Amazon is ideal for most things, and larger items like running machines are still available for delivery.


Looking on the positive side, lockdown is the ideal opportunity to revitalise your outdoor space. Gardens are more important than ever right now, providing homeowners with much-needed outdoor space that they can use without having to worry about adhering to social distancing guidelines. That is of course if you are lucky to have one! Now is the time to finally tackle all those tasks that you’ve been putting off. There are copious amounts of online gardening shops that are still delivering plants, seeds and other supplies.

Home Décor and Accessories

Even though restrictions are being relaxed, we could still be in our homes for a while longer, so it is only natural to want to spruce up your interior design a little bit. Businesses that supply home decor products online to consumers have noticed an upturn in sales already, in at least some of their product categories. Creating the right atmosphere at home makes the lockdown experience significantly more comfortable.

Beauty Treatments

Now some of us may gone a little feral in lockdown, but there are plenty of beauty hacks out there that we all could try. Your salon maybe closed at the moment, but it’s become even more fashionable to watch YouTube for some excellent ‘lockdown beauty tips’. (Let’s not mention the haircuts)

As we all know, lockdown has required us all to rethink the way that we shop for goods, but it hasn’t shut things everything down completely. Pop over to our ‘Where to Shop’ page for some excellent retailers and let’s keep as positive as we can.

Stay Safe Guys!

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