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Getting your Wardrobe Summer Ready

Summer is just around the corner, and getting ready for those long country walks, shopping trips, or lazy days at home with the family has never been easier. With a summer-ready wardrobe, you are prepared and ready to get out there and explore whether the sun decides to shine or not.

Summer ready wardrobe, clothes for summer

Keeping Cool in summer

When it warms up and gets hotter in July and August, you can sometimes wish summer was over already, and this is simply down to overheating through wearing the wrong fabrics and clothes. Wearing heavy and clingy materials is no good for summer, and you ideally need to include light, cooler cottons, and breathable linens. Fabrics and materials that allow you to move are a must, as nobody wants to feel hemmed in and bundled up on a hot summer’s day. As the weather at times can be unpredictable, it is ideal for layering your outfit. Whether walking the dog or out with the family, a Darzi linen gilet is essential to own as they are functional, stylish, and practical. A gilet must have a functional piece for your wardrobe as you can layer it up or down depending on what activity you are doing.

For your summer wardrobes to work, it needs to contain statement pieces such as linen trousers that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Creating outfits around statement pieces will ensure you always have something to wear. When it comes to putting together a summer wardrobe, if you are starting from scratch, it is important to remember that it is not all about quantity; it is about quality. Get clothes that will last you all summer and beyond, and not just clothes that look good until you wash them or wear them more than once. When shopping, remember that summer weather can at times be hot and sticky, so it is important to include a good selection of loose and non-clingy items of clothing on your shopping list.

Summer Colours

Traditionally summer colours are lighter to reflect the heat; however, this doesn’t stop you from mixing things up a bit. Adding bold colours such as blues, reds, and greens can add a bit of colour to your wardrobe, ensuring that any day is a bright and sunny one (even if the weather happens to let you down). Don’t shy away from prints as a printed shirt screams “wear me” in the summertime.


Often when putting together a summer outfit, it is easy to forget about what you will be wearing on your feet, but try not to, as your footwear says a lot about you and your personality. When it comes to getting summer footwear, comfort is a must; nobody wants blisters from ill-fitting shoes. Remember that your feet sweat in the sun and warmth, affecting the type/style, and size of shoes you buy. For summer, always buy shoes that are comfortable and breathable as possible, wearing them whenever you go out.

getting ready for summer, summer clothes

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