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Decorating Tips For A Classy Dining Room

The dining room is a part of the home that is often not your first thought when decorating. Once you’ve got a dining table and some chairs in there, the rest of the decor is an afterthought. A classy dining room can be a great addition to your home, especially if you love to entertain and feed people.

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  1. Choose the right dining table. Don’t settle for a boring table. Choosing a beautiful table is an ideal place to start, as you can base the rest of the design of the room around the table. If you like antiques, why not find a table at an antiques market? Many antiques marketplaces let you buy and sell online so you can find the right table from home.

  2. Use reclaimed wood to warm up a cold room. Dining rooms can easily seem cold if there isn’t a lot in the room, but accents in wood are a simple, stylish way to add warmth. A table or a sideboard made with reclaimed wood looks chic. If your dining area is part of a larger open-plan room, the wood can be helpful to make the space feel more separate.

  3. Use a metallic wallpaper. If you like a touch of glamour in your decor, the dining room is the ideal place to indulge this taste without making things look too over the top. A metallic wallpaper on one can create a striking feature wall and adds a glamorous vibe to the room. The shiny metallic surface will also bounce light back into the room, keeping things bright and light. Keep the rest of your design simple to stop the wallpaper from dominating the room.

  4. Add an accent color. If your dining room has some striking architectural features like beams or built-in cabinets, show them off by painting them so they stand out from the rest of the room. If you don’t have interesting built-in features, you can still add interest in this way by painting something like a sideboard or a bar cabinet. Use the accent color in table linen and other details for a cohesive look.

  5. Experiment with pattern. The dining room isn’t a room that most of us use very much, so you can be more creative and experimental with pattern than you might be in the rest of the house. Try wallpaper, table linens, and other decor in stripes or florals for a look with impact. If you want to mix patterns, keep a monochromatic color scheme to stop the patterns from looking confused.

  6. Don’t be frightened of color. A bold color in the dining room makes a real statement. Be brave, whether you paint all the walls or paint just one as a feature wall.

A dining room that makes a statement can make your home look and feel stylish, as well as giving you a space to entertain loved ones in a room that you can be proud to show off. Be creative and brave when decorating your dining room.

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