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Best Places to Stay When Travelling Through Scotland

There is arguably no better place to visit than Scotland. The scenery is amazing and ranges from ocean views to mountains, and it is brimming with historic sites and magnificent architecture. The only drawback is that there is not enough time to cram all the sights into one visit. But it is worth allowing yourself a week or two to take in and savour the experience. This means preparing for places to stay overnight while you travel. Here are some tips on the best places to stay in Scotland.

Best Places to Stay When Travelling Through Scotland , English Garden & Antiques

Deciding On Accommodation

Across Scotland, there are apartments, holiday homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even a boutique guest house in Melrose. Depending on your budget and what you want in an overnight facility, you will be sure to find something suitable.

A bed and breakfast (B&B) Scotland is perfect if you are going to be out for the whole day but want to start with a good meal of Scottish fare. A boutique bed and breakfast will offer you a choice of delicious breakfast options such as a full traditional Scottish dish, or any other menu that you prefer.

After a good night’s rest and with your stomach full, you are ready to explore the countryside of highlands and lowlands, castles, museums, and so much more. You will want good hiking shoes.


Edinburgh was rated as the best place to stay in Scotland in 2022. Although it offers city life rather than Scotland’s rich nature spots, it has a famous ghost tour. This is not surprising as some of the buildings in Edinburgh predate the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh hosts the Festival Fringe every August. The only bigger event in the world is the Olympics. It also has an annual New Year’s Eve Hogmanay Street Party, which has international acclaim.

As Scotland is relatively small, you can stay in this city for your entire holiday and travel anywhere else in the country and back within a day.


If this is a family holiday, then the latest from the travel experts is that you cannot do better than Inverness. You will be close to Urquhart Castle where the fabled Loch Ness Monster was first sighted. Inverness is a small city and the best accommodation spots for tourists are in the city centre. Be sure to visit Drumnadrochit, one of its villages that is bursting with tourist attractions. It may be worth staying over in the village for a few nights so that you have a chance to see everything of interest.


Nairn is a half-hour drive from Inverness. It is a must-see if you are yearning to walk the Highlands of Scotland. There is very little rainfall in Nairn, which is a coastal town with several beaches and sunny (for Scotland) weather.

While Nairn provides the full package with great restaurants and cafés, shopping galore, and even championship golf courses, it is the rugged side of nature you have to make time for. You can hike through forests and dunes, encounter myriad wildlife, or glide through the waters of Moray Firth, home to a large number of dolphins. There are also two castles to place on your itinerary: Cawdor Castle and Brodie Castle.

As you have no doubt realised, this is a tantalising, but tiny taste of what Scotland has to offer.

Places in Scotland, English Garden & Antiques

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